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Triumph Dining Guide

I just received my updated Gluten-free Restaurant Guide by Triumph Dining.  I love this guide and have had several editions of them.  The most current one is the 5th edition.  I like the fact that the book is divided into states and cities.  That way if you are traveling, you can look up where you will be and see a list of the gluten free restaurants in that area.  The back part of the book has the restaurant menus.  This is the good part……what you can order and how to order it!  

This years guide has several new restaurants added which is always nice to see.  It's important to know that menus can change so you want to check from time to time the favorite things you order out.  Triumph also makes a grocery guide and several cell phones apps which are so helpful.  You can see what they have to offer at http://www.triumphdining.com/.  Check it out!  

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