Rhythm Chips made from Kale

I have a quick product review to tell you about.  Rhythm chips made from Kale.  They are made by Daily Juice Food in Texas.  I know you are thinking…what?  They are exactly what they sound like….. kale that has been chopped and dried.  They are considered a raw food since the are air dried at a low temperature.  They come several different flavors and are also gluten free, vegan and gmo-free.  I think my favorite was the ranch.  I love kale, so I thought they were really good.  My twenty something kids however, not so much.  They are both kind of picked so I would let that stop you from trying them.   I loved them.  Like I said, I love kale.  I eat it raw in salad and cooked in anything.  They are crispy like a chip so it's really easy to just keep popping them in your mouth, and they are good for you!  I think they would be really yummy in a salad instead of a crouton too.  Check them out here and see what you think! Oh, and great to travel with too.   

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