Pie crust and gluten free flour

I have to admit, pie crust has been a problem for me to make.  I've just not had good luck with it.  Last year, I went to whole foods and loaded up on crust.  They are wonderful!  But, you only get a bottom crust. I wanted more.  Whole Foods is not close to me, so if I run out it's not like I can run out and buy a crust easily.    

What led me to even trying to make a crust myself, was an article I read last year in a magazine.  The magazine took several recipes from regular cookbooks, then used a gluten free flour blend as a cup per cup replacement for flour.  They used several blends and gave the results of each recipe used.  I have to tell you, I am so sick of having so many flours and recipes that use so many flours.  I have many recipes I just love, but it seems like as soon as I want to make something, I will be out of just one of the flours I need.  Then there is the issue of storing them all.  My cupboard only has so much space. 

It got me thinking and experimenting on my own.  Right before I was diagnosed, I had purchased, "Martha Stewarts Baking Handbook'.  I  never got to make all the things in that book that I wanted!  My mom had been having good luck with Namaste's Perfect Flour Blend.  So I bought some, and decided to try it in some recipes.  

One of the first one's I tried from Martha's book was the pie crust.  I wanted to make a rustic apple pie.  You know, the kind that's not in a pie pan, but a cookie sheet.  This was just so much easier than I imagined.  I used my food processor and followed directions.  If you roll it out on parchment paper and put plastic wrap over the top as you roll it out, you shouldn't have any problems with it.  Don't forget to flour the parchment.  

Here it is rolled out…


Ready to go in the oven….


Pie heaven….


My apples got a little brown.  I think that could be avoided by putting a little foil right in the middle during baking.  I used butter which I recommend, unless you can't eat dairy.  Also, I used sanding sugar around the edge.  

The crust was Martha's recipe which you can find here.  And the yummy inside was from "The Betty Crocker Cookbook", which you can find here.  Substitute the flour with a gluten free blend.  As I said, I used Namaste Perfect Flour Blend.  If you use another kind, make sure there is xanthan gum added.  If not, make sure you add some.

I have also tried making a Martha Stewart scone recipe with this flour and they turned out wonderful!  I am anxious to try more regular and gluten free recipes with pre-made flour blends.  It just seems like life would be so much simpler only having one bag of flour!   

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