Gluten Free Thanksgiving

Wow, I can't believe that Thanksgiving is almost here!  Is this your first gluten free Thanksgiving?  Are you a little nervous?  We'll, don't be!  This is an easy holiday to be gluten free!  Below is the menu that I'm making on Thanksgiving.  Also, be sure to check out all the other gluten free blogs.  There are so many creative gluten free cooks out there willing to share with others.  

The most important thing is, don't stress about it.  My first gluten free Thanksgiving I tried to do it all!  I planned too many things to make and thought I had to make everything homemade.  Bad idea.  If you can find pre-made gluten free pie crusts in your area, don't look at the price, just buy them.  Whole Foods makes some great ones.  That might not work if you are dairy free though and you will have to make them.  If you have to make pie crust from scratch, I would make it this week and freeze it in a pan ready to go.  It will cut down on work next week.  

To make stuffing, you really don't need homemade bread for it to be great.  I am using frozen pre-made from Whole Foods.  Their gluten free Oat bread is also dairy free.  Another bread that makes great stuffing is Ener-g brand.   It is a shelf stable bread that you usually see in health food stores.  It makes great stuffing!  Make sure you use enough liquid so your stuffing is moist.  Gluten free bread dries out easily!  

If dairy is a problem and you are making pumpkin pie, try coconut milk.  That's what I'm planning on!    I'm also not attempting rolls.  I gave up on gluten free rolls a long time ago.  I'm making cornbread.  I'm going to add a hand full of dried cranberries to it just because it sounds yummy and will look festive!  

I have a recipe given to me by my sister in law for sweet potatoes.  They are fabulous.  She uses cashews, peaches and ginger in the potatoes!  So be sure to check out that recipe!

Most importantly, enjoy the day.  Enjoy your family.  Be thankful for the food you can eat.  This is a time it's really easy to feel sorry for yourself because there are so many things around that you can't eat.  Don't let that ruin your day! Really try to enjoy and savor what you can eat.   

On another note, I received and email from the folks over at Triumph Dining.  They were letting people know that Butterball Turkeys are gluten free.  Some, even have gluten free gravy packets!  If you buy one, please read your packet before using it.  Some of the stores may still have the packets with the gravy that contains gluten.  If so, just throw the gravy out.  The turkey itself is gluten free!  

Also, Triumph Dining is getting ready to put their grocery guide in an iphone app!  I am so excited about this!  I love Triumph's grocery guide and will love having it on my phone where I can access it whenever I need it!  Thanks Triumph!

Thanksgiving Day Menu

Turkey with mushroom gravy 

Dressing (print recipe)

Mashed Potatoes 

Sweet Potatoes (print recipe)

Green Bean Casserole

Cranberries (print recipe)

Corn bread with cranberries (print recipe)

Jamaican Spiced Pumpkin Pie (this is dairy free!)

Coffee Toffee Pecan Pie 

Apple Pie (I am using this recipe from fine cooking, but using apples instead of pears.  Just use an all purpose gluten free flour as your flour)

Have a happy thankful day!!

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  1. Great tips, and a bunch of good-sounding recipes. I am only responsible for bringing dessert to our dinner, but I still need a reminder to not worry, and just enjoy.
    Have a good holiday! I look forward to hearing how your first dairy-free Thanksgiving went!

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