Photos of our Mexican Dinner Party

I must say, my friend Carrie makes the best tacos.  I'm going to have to get a deep fryer now.  Tacos from a box will never taste right after eating them the way Carrie makes them.  It's a secret family recipe so you'll have to use your imagination!  I can tell you that she deep fries corn torillas, but for only a very short time.  They are cooked but still soft.  The meat is a mixture of ground beef and ground pork, along with mexican chili powder.  For everything else there are recipes here.

Corn Squares (these can get addictive)


Homemade salsa


Carrie's enchiladas


The tacos, beans, and rice.


All those tacos makes one thirsty!


Happy Labor Day everyone!  


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One response to “Photos of our Mexican Dinner Party

  1. Awesome photos! Gosh, everything looks so good. I’m totally going to have to make those corn squares… Also, do you have a favorite corn tortilla you like to use?

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