Earth Friendly Cleaners

I know this is way off the purpose of my blog, but I have some recipes, not for food, but cleaning products!  It's spring and many people are spring cleaning and trying to save the earth at the same time.  

I purchased this book a year ago, and have been making my own homemade cleaning products from the recipes in it!  The book is called Better Basics For the Home by Annie Berthold-Bond.  She has recipes for everything from all purpose cleaner to skin care products and everything in between.  I purchased mine from  Annie also has a really nice blog with many helpful hints on green living at


Now, if I could just get Triniti to do some cleaning for me.  She's better at making messes than cleaning them.  

The ingredients you will need to make these are; vinegar, baking soda, liquid dish soap and essential oils.  I buy my vinegar and baking soda in large quantities at Sam's club.  I use an earth friendly dish detergent called Seventh Generation.  The essential oils can be purchased at most local health food stores or online.  My favorite is lavender or lemon.  

I thought I would share my two favorite recipes from the book.  The first is an all purpose cleaner.  I use it on windows, the laminate floor or any hard surfaces that need cleaning.  I even use it in between my weekly cleaning in the bathroom for quick clean ups.  

1/4 cup white distilled vinegar
1/2 teaspoon liquid soap or detergent
2 cups water
A couple drops of essential oil

Mix all ingredients together and keep in a spray bottle.  This is so economical!   

My next favorite cleaner is the homemade soft scrub.  This is so easy.  Put 1/2 cup of baking soda in a bowl.  Mix in enough liquid detergent to make the consistency of frosting.  Then add some drops of essential oil.  I store mine in a Tupperware type dish with a tight fitting lid.  This cleans sinks wonderfully!  

If you are looking for these types of cleaning products for your home, I highly recommend this book.  You will save not only the environment, but tons of money!  

Now, If I could just get those dogs to wipe their feet!  



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4 responses to “Earth Friendly Cleaners

  1. Ok – I’m owning up to my dumbness. What exactly is “essential oil” and where do I get it?
    -sheepish grin-

  2. HI-This is Annie, author of Better Basics for the Home, and I am so thrilled that you wrote about the book and offered such a great picture! Thank you. I subscribe to Google Alerts for my name(s) (I’ve since become Annie B. Bond because of divorce), and was told you posted the article. Thank you!
    I, too, am gluten-free. Try my sprouted gluten-free, vegan bread recipe at !

  3. Mikki, Essential oil is sort of a plant based concentrate in an oil. For example Lavender oil would be the concentrated scent of lavender in an oil. You can find them at most health food stores and probably on I love lavender and also lemon!

  4. Terrific, I will definitely be trying these! Thank you for posting.

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