Chicken Noodle Soup

I was looking through my recipe index, and realized that I haven't posted a recipe for chicken noodle soup!  This is something I've been making for years.  I've never cared for the canned version of this soup.  When I went gluten free, the only thing I had to change was the type of noodles I use.  

It dawned on me one day, that not everyone knows how to make home made soup.  A lot of you who suddenly find yourself having to eat gluten free are cooking for the first time in your life.  Maybe you have child just diagnosed and work and have never had time to make these types of food.  If your little one is craving chicken soup, I have an easy recipe. 

You can take a lot of short cuts when making soup.  Who wants to come home from work, make home made stock, cook the chicken etc?  Not me.  And, probably not you either.  There are two ways to get around that.  One is to buy a bunch of chickens up, set aside a Saturday or Sunday once a month, cook your chicken and make stock, then freeze all it until you need it later in the month.  I did that this month and it's been a real help.  

The second way would be to buy stock in a box, and buy a gluten free cooked chicken.Perdue makes a gluten free rotisserie chicken.  I have heard that Cosco does as well, but please always read labels.  I have never been to Cosco, so check it out before buying.  Do your homework.  I know most rotisserie chicken are NOT gluten free.  You can probably find Perdue brand at most major groceries.  

Once you have your stock and your cooked chicken, the rest is so easy!  You can throw this soup together in around 30 minutes.  

Chicken Noodle soup (print recipe

4 servings


1 quart chicken stock 
2 or 3 cups chopped, cooked chicken meat
2 ribs celery
1 onion
2 large carrots
clove of garlic, crushed
rosemary, salt, pepper, parsley
olive oil
gluten free noodles, uncooked about 5 oz. broken into piece

Chop the vegetables and saute in a stock pot until they are tender.  Then add your spices.


Add your broth and chicken…


Then add your noodles.  I use Tinkyada brand fettucini. They are nice because size wise, it's about the same as Campbell's.  I know most kids are used to that.   


For this recipe, I used about a 1/3 of the package.  It was not a lot of noodles.  If you have kids, they may like more noodles, so you could go ahead and use half of the package. Just make sure to either add more broth or water as needed during cooking.  That's the great thing about soup.  You don't have to be exact.  If you like it soupier, add more broth.  If you like it chunky, add less.  Add small amounts at a time so you don't over add.  Don't be afraid to experiment a little.  Just remember to keep an eye on it!  You don't want to leave it and come back to a pot of stuck, burned pasta!  

Cook your soup until the noodles are tender.  This will be about 20 to 30 minutes.  That's as easy as it gets.  If you know how to chop and open a carton of broth, you can make this!  

I don't have my weekly menu made out yet.  I hope to this evening.  I'm going to shop a little different this coming week.  Usually I shop for the whole week at once.  I don't like going back!  But, it seems as if I have some back problems and I can't carry in a bunch of groceries.  The hubster has been taking me the last couple weeks and doing all the heavy lifting.  I'm getting tired of asking him and just want to go on my own time.  So, I think going more often and getting less, just might be the solution.  At least I'll try that and see how it works out. 

I had an MRI a couple weeks ago, and found out I have 3 bulging disks in my cervical spine along with a narrow neural foramen causing some nerve issues.  And, a degenerative spine.  Wow, aren't I glad to be turning 50 this year!  I have to see a neurologist.  Hopefully he will let me go to physical therapy and not surgery.    Right now, I'd just be happy to not have pain.  And, I'm not good at resting! 

Maybe by tomorrow I'll have my menu up!  I just have to figure out what I want to cook!  



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5 responses to “Chicken Noodle Soup

  1. Delicious and simple, just the way I like it!!!

  2. my husband would LOVE this!! gorgeous pics as always gal!! I LOVE your blog theme!!

  3. Gluten Free Steve

    Thanks for sharing this recipe, and take care of yourself! You’re too young to be having these problems!

  4. Yum. Soup is a favorite, especially this kind with its medicinal properties. You’ve been tagged by me. .
    You can play or not. Blame it on Diane from The Whole Gang for tagging me. 🙂

  5. I’m putting this on my list of recipes to try soon! It looks amazing!

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