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This week, I'm back to planning weekly menus.  I have been really bad about not doing this and find I waste more time trying to figure out what to make than I actually do cooking!  It takes a little more pre-planning, but it's worth it.  I have even been planning lunch menus.  This saved me so much time last week!  

Over the weekend, I also did just a little extra cooking to save time through the week.  I cooked two chickens, pulled the meat off the bone and froze it in ziplock baggies.  I also made stock and froze it as well.  I made a huge batch of rice in my rice cooker and froze that.  Each night I needed rice I could just pull it out and defrost it.  This saves so much time and mess through the week!  

Here are this weeks menus….


Dinner- Chicken noodle soup


Lunch- eat out

Dinner- Left over chicken soup with salad


Lunch- Lettuce salad with chicken fingers (Bell and Evans brand)

Dinner- Fish tacos


Lunch- Brunch of pancakes, eggs and sausage

Dinner- Crock pot beef stew, French bread


Lunch- Leftover stew

Dinner- Stuffed zucchini (hopefully will post recipe after)


Tuesday- Salmon, quinoa and veggie stir fry


Lunch- eat out

Dinner Fish Caesar, rice, veggies


Lunch- rice with kale and garbanzo beans

Hopefully if you are stuck in your meal planning, this will give you some ideas.  I am always searching other blogs to get ideas for lunches and dinners.  The worst seems to be lunch.  I don't want to spend large amounts of time preparing it.  Since my husband is retired, we are both home at lunch.  If it was me, I would probably eat really weird stuff.  He wants a real meal.    

I've been getting him to eat more vegetarian meals and so far he's done really good with it.  I found a great recipe a couple weeks ago when I was visiting a blog I really like.  It's called Celiac's in the House, written by Wendy.  I really like her blog.  She is a homeschooling mom of two and I used to be a homeschooling mom of two.  She cares for two celiac teens and I care for one teen and young adult as well.  I like her cooking style.  Looking through her blog I found her recipe for spinach, feta, and garbanzos on basmati rice.   It looked really good, but because of my other food allergies, I had to modify it a bit.  You will find the recipe here.  It's number 6. on her weekly menu.  

I am allergic to spinach so the first change I made was to use beet greens.  I had some leftover from when I made a beet salad.  They were so pretty I didn't want to throw them away.  I had never had beet greens before, but the were really good.  I also didn't measure out the beans.  I used just one whole can.  And, just for fun, I cooked chopped up bacon in the pan until it was crispy and then added my beet greens and the rest.  I know, that disqualifies it from being vegetarian.  I couldn't help myself.  It's almost vegetarian!  It was only two pieces.  More of a flavoring šŸ™‚  And, instead of serving it over rice, I mixed it all together.  It's that dumping habit of mine.  


I love these kinds of recipes.  So simple and so good.  This has become a staple at our house now.  It seems like I always have those ingredients on hand.  I have been trying different kinds of greens in it.  It's really hard to find just beet greens.  I don't cook beets very often.  Last week I used kale.  There are many varieties of it at our local grocery.  I'm having fun trying the different ones and seeing what I like.  I have really missed spinach.  Weird, I know.  You go most of your life trying to avoid something as a kids and then as an adult miss it!  If I only knew then what I know now!  

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  1. That garbanzo and spinach stuff looks yummy. I’ll have to try your version. Thanks for the kind words and a new way to try one of our old favorites.

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