Books I recommend

Books I recommend

The most important thing you can do when you become gluten free, is to educate yourself.  I would recommend that you at least get a couple good books on celiac disease.  Then buy a couple basic gluten free cookbooks.  The most challenging thing in gluten free cooking is baking.  In that area, I have several authors of cookbooks that I like for different reasons. 

Gluten free and Celiac Disease Books  

Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic By Peter Green – Dr. Peter Green is the best know authority on celiac disease.  This book is well worth having.

Living Gluten-Free for Dummies By Dianna Korn  – I just love Dummies books.  This book gives you total understanding on how to live gluten free and some recipes to boot!

The First Year Celiac Disease and Living Gluten-Free By Jules E. Dowler Shepard  –  If I could only afford one book on celiac disease, this would it.  This book walks you totally through your first year of living gluten free.  It’s written by a patient and has some recipes too.  

Cookbooks (the first 3 cookbooks are out on my counter constantly!)

1000 Gluten-Free Recipes By Carol Fenster  –  This is a huge book.  It’s a really good basic book for gluten free cooking.  If I could only get one cook

book (of course I could never have just one cookbook!), this would be the one.  My favorite pizza crust recipe came from this book.  There is also a wonderful coffee cake, pie crust and many, many more!  

The Wheat-Free Cook By Jacqueline Mallorca  – This book contains one of my favorite bread recipes for french bread.  The author’s recipes are so quick and simple.  They do not require yeast either.  For me, this book is a must.  

You won’t believe it’s Gluten-Free By Roben Ryberg  – I love the concept of this book.  Roben believes you can make good gluten-free bake
d goods using just one flour.  It’s so simple!  The pumpkin bread is wonderful and her recipe for corn based biscuits has been made in my kitchen so many times I can’t count that high!  They are my daughter’s favorite.  We add cheddar cheese to them and top them off with garlic butter.  She will bring friends home just to make them biscuits and then they sit and eat!  So wonderful to share gluten free food that way!  Another book I can’t live without!  

Some mainstream cookbooks that are great for gluten-free cooking are the South Beach diet cookbooks.  Not all, but many of the recipes are already gluten free or can easily be converted. 

Happy Cooking!

Gluti Girl 

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