My Cooking Philosophy

I love to cook and sometimes I like to make fancy or complicated things, but I don’t always have time.  My blog is not for people who are already gourmet cooks.  There are many, many gourmet gluten-free blogs out there where you can learn to challenge your cooking skills.  You probably won’t find much of that here.  

Mind you, I love really good food.  But, the purpose of my blog is to help people live an ordinary life while eating gluten free.  For me, that means simple nourishing foods.  Nothing fancy, but good, simple meals.  Life’s already too busy and with the addition of having to cook almost all of my meals, I need things simple.  

Also, when I’m writing or thinking about recipes to post, I’m thinking about that person who is not a cook or who is short on time.  Maybe that’s you.  You just found out you are going to have to prepare most of your meals and that is overwhelming.  Maybe you work full time or have a family or don’t feel well because of having been sick for a while.  I hope to teach you how to live simply in this gluten free life.  

For you seasoned cooks, I hope to have enough interesting recipes to keep you coming back to.  Stop by often.  You will find quick, easy recipes, product reviews and you might even see some pictures of my beloved dogs!  


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