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My name is Melanie. I have a daughter named Kati. We are the Gluti Girls! We have been living a gluten free life since January of 2007. My husband’s name is Steve. He is a musician and has a band that sometimes travels and performs together. We also have a son named Bryan who has delayed allergies to wheat and casein.  

Together we have four dogs, Mable, Triniti, Grace, and Mia that occasionally make an appearance on the blog. Three of them are rat terriers which are fairly active dogs with a lot of personality. So our home is rarely quiet. They are also gluten free!

When Kati and I found out we were both gluten intolerant, we were trying to think of a name for ourselves. Our favorite television show was The Gilmore Girls. We have them all on DVD. We watch and re-watch them all the time. Hence the name, The Gluti Girls.

I have always suffered from digestive problems as far back as I can remember. I’ve had health problems all of my adult life. The most major illness I’ve had was thyroid cancer at the age of 23. Eight years ago I had an extremely rare type benign tumor in my ear that had to be removed. And about 2 years ago had an extremely large fibroid tumor that was removed as well. I like to grow things.

In the fall of 2006 when my digestive symptoms got a lot worse, I was convinced I had grown something else that was causing trouble. My doctor had me screened me with a blood test for celiac disease. When she first told me she thought gluten was causing my problems I thought she was crazy, until I came home and started reading about it. I was shocked because it was me. This was me! 

  My daughter had a positive blood test in March of 2007. She did not have the same symptoms as I did. If she gets cc she will break out in a rash. She will get a headache and feel sick. My son has delayed allergies to both wheat and casein.  He had been loosing weight and had reflux when he got tested for allergies.  He has had a blood test for celiac, but it was negative.  He also suffers from thyroid problems.   

I started this blog because the day I found out about this way of living, I was very depressed. I remember sitting in front of the computer crying. It was all so overwhelming. Soy sauce put me over the edge. We ate out a lot and my favorite was anything asian. Especially sushi. Especially sushi rolls with anything tempura.  I was crushed at the thought of never enjoying that again along with many other favorite foods.  

Then I found the gluten free bloggers. As I read how these other people were coping, I soon realized life would be ok. I knew I wanted to give back to the community that helped me. Somewhere out there, someone is just learning they will have to live the rest of their life not eating gluten. I have this blog just for that person. If that person is you, there is a whole community here to help you. Read and learn. Life will be even better than before.


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