A Gluten Free BBQ and my weekend trip!

So check this out, Kate over at Gobsmacked has decided to have a BBQ! I thought this sounded like a fun idea.  So why not sign up!
I had a really hard time thinking what to bring because so many of the letters were taken.  Then I noticed that the letter E was free.  So I am making Eggs, the deviled kind!  

I love deviled eggs.  Whenever there is a holiday on my husband's side of the family, my sister-in-law always makes deviled eggs.  The best part of the holiday is sneaking in the kitchen before dinner and snitching some of those eggs!
I have a handy Pampered Chef decorator I use to put the yellow in.  It looks pretty that way.  This recipe was given to my sister-in-law by my mother-in-law.  I don't know where it came from but they think it is a family recipe.
The weird thing is, it calls for 8 eggs.  I have always thought this was strange since eggs come in a dozen.  I always make a dozen.  Then my mom gave me her old Tupperware deviled egg holder thingy, and can you believe it, it only holds 8 eggs!  Is there some unwritten law I don't know about that you are supposed to make only 8 eggs at a time?  Weird.  Really weird.  I'm still making 12 just to buck the system.

Our family's deviled eggs 

8 hard boiled eggs 

1/2 cup mayonnaise (I use slightly less) 

2 T. vinegar ( I use 1 teaspoon ) 

2 teaspoons mustard 

1 teaspoon pickle relish (of this, I use more!) 

pinch of sugar 

Cut eggs in half and remove the yolk.  Add ingredients and beat with beaters until smooth.  Either spoons into where you removed the yolk from or pipe it in with a decorator bag.  Sprinkle the tops with paprika. 


I took some of those eggs with me to Danville, Kentucky this last weekend.  I had so much fun deciding what food to take with me.
We left about mid-morning on Friday.  We had Derick, our trombone player with us.  At noon, we stopped at Arby's and the guys went in to get their lunch.  I got in my cooler and made a sandwich.  

One of my readers gave the tip of making Chebe buns for sandwich bread.  I had tried them a long time ago as buns, but was not too sure about them.  I love them just plain as rolls, but as buns they were a little chewy.
So, last week before the trip I bought some more.  I bought the frozen already prepared as I knew I would be short on time.  I baked them one night and we made sandwiches right away with them.  They were chewy again because they were hot.  I had two left over which I saved at room temp in a Ziplock bag.  The next day I made more sandwiches with them at room temperature and they were perfect!  The trick is to bake them, and let them cool completely before making anything with them. I had been eating them hot and that made them chewy. 

So in the car I had a Ziplock full of Chebe buns.  I made a sandwich with goat cheese, salami, ham and lettuce on the Chebe bun.  I also enjoyed some of those deviled eggs and fresh blueberries.  I think the guys were a little jealous 🙂

That night, the band was to perform at the Charlie's restaurant.  Everyone was to eat dinner there before the gig at O'Charlies.  So at our room just before we left, I turned on my electric skillet (another great idea from a reader), and I stir fried some steak, mushrooms, onions, broccoli, and garlic in my skillet.  I loaded it up in my single bento box.  When we got to O' Charlie's, I ordered a baked potato and simply put my steak and veggies on top of it.  So easy and so good!

The next day for breakfast we ate cold hard boiled eggs and I brought some blueberry muffins I had made at home (I used the recipe on the Pamela's pancake and baking mix).  We had to do a parade at 11:00 and then a show at 12:30.  After the show, our band buddy had a lunch waiting for us.  Knowing it would not be a safe lunch for me, I had packed my other bento box with all kinds of goodies.  I got the ideas for this lunch from another reader.  I packed dolmas, artichoke hearts, hummus, olives, salami and crackers.  I took along some gluten free lemon cookies too because I knew our band buddies would give everyone cookies.  It was a really yummy lunch.  Everyone kept asking me what I had! 

The last show of the day was at 4:00.  So by dinner time, the band had done their part and it was time to relax.  The band festival is a free weekend for the entire community.  It is at the local college.  They set up a huge stage and there are bands playing back to back up until 11:00 at night.
The evening was beautiful as the temperature dropped to a very comfortable level.  We found a place for our lawn chairs to camp out all evening.  I had packed for myself another Chebe sandwich.   I had some quinoa salad with goat cheese crumbles, tomatoe, onions, parsley, olive oil, and some lime juice.  It tasted really good with my sandwich.  

I didn't get any food pictures on Saturday because I filled the card on my camera!
Sunday we traveled back home.  We ate some more muffins in the morning and I packed another sandwich for on the way home.  All in all it worked out really well.  Some other things I had on hand that I didn't use was single serving cans of tuna and chicken.  I bought packets of mayonnaise at Sam's club.  They are so handy because you don't have to worry with keeping them cold. 

I think having a couple bento boxes is very helpful as well.  There are many website devoted to how to pack them.  I am not fancy in that way at all.  What I like is that they stack and are small enough to take along places.  I have a bag that also does a really nice job at keeping things hot.  I don't think it works as well keeping thing cold.  But when I have made stir fries and then put my food in it to take to a restaurant, it is pretty hot even an hour later. 

Here are the two I have.  One is what I call a single and the other is a stackable one.  There is a little band that holds it together.  And then the bag to hold it.  I bought mine on ebay.  They are very handy to have. 


If any of you have any tips for what to take on an airplane that I can legally pack in my bento, comment away!  With all these restrictions, it's hard to figure out what they will let you take.
It won't be too long and we will be leaving for San Diego.  I am really looking forward to it.  I will pack my bento with  some healthy food for the flight.  Unlike last year, when I took mostly junk food and was craving real food. 

While staying there, we have asked for a room with a small kitchen so I can do some cooking.  We will be eating out some.  I find it's much easier to eat out there than it is in the mid west.  But, I will still be making a good bit of my food in the hotel room.

 Here is some of the group during one of their performances.


During the parade.

Having lunch that the band buddy made.

Goofing off in the break room.

Thank you everyone who helped me out with ideas.  It was a great trip and I can't wait till the next one!



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11 responses to “A Gluten Free BBQ and my weekend trip!

  1. Hurray for happy food travels! I’m so glad it went well. I am going to try your tip with the bento! and the chebe – i’ve never tried using them that way, and I definitely will now!

  2. Cassandra

    You can’t take the gel ice packs on the plane, so use a bag of frozen peas. 🙂

  3. Kay

    I’m glad your traveling food plan worked! Looks like a good time was had by all.
    Cute bentos! I got my Hello Kitty bento at Deals for $1. And I got my insulated lunch bag (in matching bright green!) for $1, too. Now, if only I was brave enough to give them a test drive . . .

  4. That sounds like a great trip! Watch out when you’re cooking in the hotel, last time I tried it I set of the smoke alarm, two nights in a row. But then, maybe I shouldn’t have been searing tuna. Ah well. Glad you had such a successful weekend.

  5. Where did you get those Bentos, Melanie? I have bento envy. I am hoping to hit the outlet malls before I head home for the summer so maybe I can find them there.

  6. Glutigirl

    Ginger, I got my bentos on ebay. There are tons of them on ebay!

  7. Hey were your chebe buns really really crispy? they look nice and soft there. mine are always a little too crunchy. just wondering, as i too have a little trip coming up and i like that idea.

  8. Gaile, If you put the chebe in a ziplock and let it set overnight, they soften up a bit. The crust is still firm but not crispy. I am going to make some the day before we fly and take some sandwiches on the plane with us.

  9. OOPS — just noticed that you said you bought them frozen!
    I’ll have to do a little online research to find some…

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