I need ideas!

I have a problem.  We are going away for the weekend in June.  We will be staying in a college dorm room.  The event we are going to will, of course, have tons of food vendors, but I do not trust any of them.  I need to take my own food. I don't do well eating out at all.  
I will need two breakfast, three lunch and two dinner ideas.  I will have a cooler.  I might, that's a big might, have access to a microwave oven.  More than likely, I will be stuck with cold food from a cooler.  I need something I can fix that is easy, but filling.  And it has to be yummy too, because everyone else will be eating yummy things from the food vendors.  
I have thought of the standard things like potato salad, teff wraps, tuna on crackers etc.  Do you have any different ideas?  I need ideas.  I'm brain dead on this one.  



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14 responses to “I need ideas!

  1. I found that simply…gluten free’s grain free muffin recipe and her bread recipe both travel well, are yummy and filling. I recently did the muffins and they make a great breakfast with yogurt or snack on the go. I posted a version with sweet potato too.

  2. Kay

    I’ll gladly lend you my tiny George Foreman grill. I’ve never tried, but it might make a good panini. It’s GF and very portable.
    I baked a Cook’s ham (from Kroger) this week. No reactions, yahooey! And I have enjoyed it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Might be good with a three bean salad . . .
    I haven’t traveled anywhere since going GF, but I think I will invest in a small electric skillet and the smallest toaster I can find when I feel brave enough to leave my kitchen.
    I’ve made your potato salad twice now. Love it!

  3. Cassandra

    If you do have access to a microwave, you might want to try A Taste of Thai noodles (there are a few varieties). I love the peanut noodles and the Pad Thai (haven’t tried the others). I find them at Wal-Mart and Kroger.
    Like Kay mentioned, you could get a little cheap toaster to take with you. I have one that I think I got for about $7 once, that I can take if I need to.

  4. Glutigirl

    Kay, you are so sweet. I never thought of that, but I do have both a Foreman and an electric skillet. Since we are going by car it would be easy to take those things.
    I’m so glad you love the potato salad. It is our favorite next to the beans!
    Cassandra, I will keep those in mind. Our local health food store is also getting in some shelf stable, gluten free meals this week. I am excited to see what they are and could try some of those as well.
    When we go to California the end of the month, I think I will buy a cheap toaster there. Last time I used toaster bags, but they kept melting and were all holy before the trip was over. We will have a room with a two burner stove and I will be doing a lot of cooking this time. I just don’t eat out well.

  5. Kay

    Toaster bags? Never heard of such a thing!

  6. Heather

    My trusty fallback for having to take food on the go is to throw together a brown rice tortilla, add some deli meat (gf of course), mustard or whatever condiment you prefer, (I like to spread it with goat cheese myself), lettuce, tomato, etc, and fold it into a sandwich. So, so easy!

  7. go mediterranean one night with a mezza platter of blue diamond gf pecan crackers, hummus, canned artichoke hearts, shelf stable smoke salmon or sardines, and a can of dolmas. and feta if you do dairy. Bake some chebe sandwich buns before you go and make a big ciabatta sandwich with a bit of fresh basil, lots of fresh veggies, and if you eat meat, some thin sliced meat from home, or canned chicken. make chicken salad with canned chicken, almonds, gf mayo, onions, and chopped green grapes, on a chebe roll. with basil. bringing a little pack of fresh herbs makes everything taste better. you could heat either of these on the foreman grill like a panini. fresh herbs are also yummy in omelets. Make a little breakfast sandwich on the grill with an egg, sausage patter (gardenburger has gf fake sausage if you like) and some cheese or veggie slices fake cheese. i like to splurge on some trader joes gf granola, goat yogurt (or super creamy greek yogurt if you can do cow dairy) and a little pint of fresh berries for breakfast. I get indulgent with my fruits when I travel, enjoying things like sliced mango or pineapple with a bit of balsamic vinegar on top.

  8. Carol

    I’d take a small rice cooker with a steamer tray. Cook meat and veggies in the steamer tray while the rice cooks. Add spices and sauces before or after cooking. Spoon it over rice and you’re on your way to gourmet!

  9. I have a couple of ideas:
    When I went to Europe, I took along the small individual Dinty Moore beef stew packages. They are great heated, or you can even eat them at room temp safely. I also took Carnation Instant Breakfast (I could get milk) and kind bars, and some GF granola.
    Make some chicken or ham biscuits and wrap them and keep them in the cooler. I am about to post tomorrow a new biscuit mix I made up this weekend — it was great this way.
    I might bring some of the package tuna and some packets of pickle relish, mayo, etc. (or a jar of GF Tartar sauce). Then you could stir up a GF tuna salad (and serve it on some bagged lettuce/premade salad kept cold in the cooler.

  10. My latest lunch is slices of swiss cheese, turkey breast on top, then some French’s brown mustard, a dab of mayo and roll them up. Super yummy without bread, and super easy.
    My travel staple is peanut butter. Great with crackers, or a sliced apple, or with rice cakes. My new favorite brand is Safeway’s Organic.
    And make everyone jealous – pack your meals in a fabulous picnic basket, pull out the white linen napkin, and even find a nice glass plate and drinking glass at a local thrift store (and get silverware, too!) so you’re eating and drinking from “crystal”, while the “commoners” are eating their gluten filled food eat off of plastic! šŸ™‚
    If all else fails, have Gaile come cook for you – her ideas sound great!

  11. Glutigirl

    To everyone, thank you for all the great ideas! I am going to have a hard time choosing which to try! I will be sure to take lots of pictures and blog about it when I get back.

  12. Taste of Thai noodles are the best! Quick, easy and delicious. I don’t really have anything to add to all these wonderful suggestions.

  13. If you’re going away you’re going to want to have some “junk” food. How about rhubbard strawberry crisp, this is a good breakfast too- fruit and oatmeal;) Or flourless chocolate cake- yummy! I freeze the leftovers if there is any and it is so good. Or some teff chocolate chips cookies (found on the Gluten free girl blog) delicious! Can you tell I have a sweet tooth;) I saw some salsa cups (kind of like applesauce cups) at the store the other day not sure if they are gluten free but they look nice a portable with a bag of corn chips. Hope you have fun!!

  14. cindy

    Hey have you ever tried stuffed green peppers? Cream cheese with lunch meat is really good.

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