I’ve been Grilled!

I've been grilled!  Carrie, at Ginger Lemon Girl has grilled me. I really had a lot of fun doing it and she came up with some great questions.  I have been a fan of Carrie's since I started blogging.  She has some really great recipes that I have made part of my regular meal plans.  So go check out my interview and be sure to check out Carrie's blog! 

My cold has finally gone away and I am totally well except for this fever I've got.  Spring fever!  Two weeks ago, I was at Lowe's looking for edging.  I was wearing my down vest and freezing to death!  I couldn't buy the edging because it was just to darn cold.  That is Indiana for you.  By last week, the coats were off and the windows open.  The world is blooming!
Consequently, I have not done much meal planning or cooked anything very exciting.  I am a food blog slacker!  I promise I will make it up to you. 

I have a very busy spring and summer coming up that I am hoping to incorporate lots of blogging to go along with it.  Mother's Day is coming up and I always make a special meal for my mom and extended family.  The week after that we are having a graduation party for the young gluti girl.  This will be my first attempt at a gluten free sheet cake!  Sometime between now and the end of July, we will be hosting a going away party for our drummer who we will miss dearly. 

I always plant a small garden.  This year I have put out more herbs than normal.  I am hoping to showcase each herb sometime during the summer with recipes how to use that herb.  So far, I have planted basil, thyme, cilantro, parsley (curly and flat), oregano, sage, chives and tarragon.  Darn it all if they weren't out of rosemary!  I will find some somewhere.  That is a must have. 

During the summer, we are making our annual trip to San Diego.  This was a very challenging trip for me last year.  It was my first real time traveling gluten free.  I hope I can take what I learned last year and share it all with you.  We will have a room with a two burner stove this year, so I am hoping to be able to cook some of our meals.  Lucky for me, I know where there is a Wild Oats, Jimbo's and Trader Joe's.  That should give me lot's of options for gluten free foods.  My goal is to post nightly how it's going.  I think it will be fun and hopefully help any of you that is confronted with traveling gluten free. 

I only have one very simple recipe to share.  Last night, after working off some of the "fever" in the garden, I was so tired I could hardly cook.  I had thawed out some chicken and was about to throw it on the grill plain.  I needed something to jazz it up.  So I got out a bottle of Frank's Hot sauce and marinated the chicken it in before I threw it on the grill.  Most of you have probably already tried this trick!  But I didn't discover Frank's sauce until going gluten free.  Oh man it's yummy stuff!  That, along with some veggies I found in the fridge, was dinner for us.
Since it's finally spring here, and I don't have any "real" cooking going on, I figured I would share pictures of everything budding out.  Enjoy, and happy spring!

My first potted flowers of the year. 

Some of the baby herbs being protected by Mr. Gnome :) 

Triniti is checking out the other half of the garden.  I know, it's a mess.  I'm getting old, ok.  I could only turn half of it over at a time! 

One of my favorite flowers, the Peony.  I know, everyone always says, what about the ants!.  I don't care about the ants!  They smell like heaven.  I always pick them and fill my house with them.  A friend gave me this bush.  I was from a 100 year old farm.  Way cool.  Oh, that fuzzy brown in the background is Mia's butt.

My favorite spring tree, the Red Bud. 

Oh, yeah, that feels good! Any one who has a dog knows what she is doing here.  Ah, the rubbing spot.

Another favorite plant, the hosta.  I have these all over my yard!  Many varieties.  Love 'em.

Pretty periwinkle.
Hope you are enjoying spring!


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11 responses to “I’ve been Grilled!

  1. Lynn

    Your garden looks beautiful… I keep thinking about trying to pull together a container garden… but looking at your pictures makes me wish I had a real yard.

  2. Glutigirl

    You know Lynn, the best thing about container gardening is that you don’t need much space. I love it. And you can really cram things in there. I’ve been gardening this way for almost 25 years. Love it.

  3. Kay

    I just saw some rosemary plants at Dammann’s on Emerson, just south of Thompson. I was there to take advantage of their 10 cent tomato plant sale. I have planted my favorite hard-to-find varieties from seed, but I bought 36 more! Eeek! Lots of tilling to do.
    I bought a rosemary Christmas tree for my brothers’ girlfriend, and got one for myself as well. I haven’t killed it yet! It could use a haircut, though.
    Happy Spring!

  4. I loved reading your answers to the “grilling.” I also use Breads from Anna. I met her at our Palm Beach Celiac Support Group’s first Gluten Free Vendor Fair and she is so kind. We, my husband and I, actually took her out to dinner to P.F. Changs. She also knows my sister Ellen, of I AM GLUTEN FREE so we sort of bonded really quickly! I just ordered a case of her bread so I’m with ya on that! I’d love to plant an herb garden….any ideas on how to start one?? Can you email me (please) so I can get it started for the summer. Take care.

  5. The story of your hubby making iced tea in the sink is hysterical.

  6. Glutigirl

    Kay, Thanks! That’s where I got mine last year. I went crazy. They had 3 types of rosemary. There I was sniffing it like I was getting high. I think the people there must have thought I was nuts. I am so dangerous at Dammonn’s. It’s like I get under a spell. I want to take all the plants home with me! It’s as bad as a book store, my other weakness!
    Faye, that’s really cool you met Anna. I will email you!
    Steve, My husband is truly one of a kind! I always tease him if he goes first I am donating his brain to medical science. At least he gives me funny stories 🙂

  7. Kay

    BTW, were the Stompers in a parade on Saturday? I saw a group of oddly dressed adult musicians on a flatbed in the little parade up and down Virginia Ave. Never did get their name.
    I arrived ten minutes late and thought I’d missed the whole thing. Then the whole parade circled around and did another lap. It was a really cute parade!

  8. Kay, It wasn’t them. They will be in the 500 Festival Parade though!

  9. learay

    Your flowers are so pretty. I am itching to get out and work in my gardens and create new ones. My husbands just stared at me this weekend when I told him I wanted to start a new one by the flagpole. The last two weeks have been beautiful but we are cold again this week. Hopefully next week I can get more done.
    There is nothing more relaxing then gardening.

  10. Kay

    Hey Melanie,
    I’m joining the Indy gluten free group for dinner OUT at the Adobo Grill (82nd and Allisonville) on Tuesday, May 13 at 6:00. It’s a small group, not an army. Care to join us?

  11. I think all of us gluten free bloggers have the gardening bug. I planted 5 trees last week! I really want a redbud tree, but the nursery wanted too much money for it. I got five trees at a different nursery for less than they wanted for that tree!

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