Lazy woman’s dinner

I was tired tonight.  I went shopping with my mom.  I came home and looked at what was on my menu for tonight, and nothing looked good.  I was not in the mood to cook.  I have already eaten out my allotted time this week so that was not an option either.
It was 52 degrees today and sunny.  Somehow my backyard grill was calling my name, but I didn't want to spend a bunch of time prepping something and then have all the clean up.  I just was not in the mood to cook at all. 

Then, I happened to think back to when Steve and I first got married.  This man is not allowed to cook in my kitchen.  He is a danger.  I'm serious.  He is only allowed to cook if someone is supervising him.   He is allowed to make coffee.  He is not allowed to touch any other appliances other than the popcorn maker for the safety of everyone who lives here.  He is allow to use the grill.  It's outdoors. 

He didn't know how to cook anything when we first got married unless it was on the grill.  He was a Boy Scout.  So he had lots of camp out recipes.  He taught me to make this dinner that they used to make on camp outs a lot.  I love it.  It's easy, quick, good and kids love it.  It's not fancy but there is nothing to measure and everyone can make their own.  We have no name for this recipe but call it Camp out dinner.  Tonight, it was a lazy woman's dinner! 

Camp out dinner or Lazy woman's dinner 

You will need: 

Ground beef or other meat 

Chopped vegetables like onions, carrots, potatoes etc. 

sauce (Worcestershire, bbq, hot sauce, ketchup) 

Pre-heat your grill or oven.  You can do this in an oven if you don't have a grill.  I would heat the oven at about 400 degrees.  I use my grill.  My grill has three burners.  I turn all 3 burners on to pre-heat.  Then when I am ready to cook I leave the two outside burners on and turn the middle one off.
Get out a long sheet of heavy duty foil.  About 1 1/2 feet long for each person eating.   You will be making individual foil packets for each person.  In the middle of the foil on each packet lay one serving of meat.  On top of the meat add your vegetables. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and garlic.  Shake on some sauce.  It's that easy!

Here I started with ground beef.  I added one carrot, a half a potato, half an onion, and a sprinkle of cabbage.  I seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder.   Then I added Worcestershire sauce, and Franks hot sauce.  Then I threw on some ketchup.

When my kids were little, they loved to make this.  I would cut up the vegetables and they could make their own the way they wanted.  This can be done with any meat and any veggies.  You could make chicken with peanut sauce and veggies or salmon with soy sauce and veggies.  You can use frozen veggies, fresh or leftovers.  It's endless really!
Fold up the foil neatly around it to make a little packet.  Cut a second piece of foil.  Lay the wrapped  packet seam side down on the new piece of foil and wrap it up again.


Double wrapping helps with leaking.  It will still leak a little but not as bad as if you wrapped it once.  If you are doing this in the oven, I would put the packets into a baking dish just in case they do leak.

I grill the packets using indirect heat.  That simply means I lay it on the middle burner that I've turned off.  My grill gets to about 500 degrees this way.  I cooked them 20 minutes on each side.  I would cook them for an hour is I did it in the oven.

Clean up is very difficult don't ya know!

I'm going to leave you with a little shot of spring.  This pussy willow in our back yard is in full bloom.  Spring is here at last!

Happy first day of spring!


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10 responses to “Lazy woman’s dinner

  1. Gluten Free Steve

    How cool that you have pussy willows in your back yard!!!
    I love the easy grill cooking – and clean up IS the best part. We can throw our aluminum foil in our recycle bins here in Denver, so that’s a great plus.
    Happy Spring!

  2. Pat

    My husband was a boy scout and avid outdoors-men, this is one of his old favorites. We haven’t done this dish in a looonnng time, but what a great idea! This would be great when we go up to our cottage and cook over the campfire. A perfect GF dish!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    By the way, nothing is blooming in Michigan yet, they are saying snow tonight..Oh NO!

  3. Glutigirl

    Pat, I saw where Chicago was going to get a lot of snow again too! I don’t think I could make it living in Michigan year round. But gosh, it’s pretty in the summer!

  4. We called this the Hobo’s Dinner when I was in Girl Scouts. I thought it was hot stuff, then. I kinda think I would prefer chicken chunks instead of hamburger, now.

  5. Glutigirl

    Hollygee, I agree. I think chicken would be good especially with a gluten free spicy peanut sauce!

  6. Kay

    Hi GlutiGirls!
    I cook for sorority girls (Alpha Chi’s at Butler University) every day. The kitchen is a gluten-laden place. I can get a reaction even when making and eating a salad. So I started making myself little hobo dinners like yours. I eat them right out of the foil with a clean fork that I’ve dutifully washed again. Thankfully, this works! I don’t have to starve while feeding everyone else. My favorite is pork tenderloin with red potatoes and lots of onions. Onions are key! I’ve also used zucchini in place of potatoes. I only use salt and pepper, since I still fear sauces. I’m new to celiac, with corn and soy allergies to boot, and still figuring out what works for me.
    Spring is trying to begin in Indianapolis. My crocus and snowdrops have bloomed, and my daffodils are sprouting. I haven’t been out to the back corner of Kay’s Leaning Tree Farm to check on my pussy willow, but I’ll go today!
    We generally get snow during “tourney time” here. It’s part of our hoosier basketball tradition. As I cheer for the Butler Bulldogs in the NCAA tournament, I know I am summoning dark clouds as well.
    Thanks for blogging gluten-free! Your word have helped me through the first three months of my transition.
    I see baking soda in lots of recipes on GF blogs. Am I the only one who reacts to it? I can’t figure out why, but it’s out of my diet. I tried a recipe with Ener-G calcium carbonate in place of soda. It worked fine, but I’ve only been brave enough to nibble one small cookie so far.

  7. Kay

    Beef is on my suspicious list as well. Still sorting that out . . .
    Before going GF, I ate a lot of $1 MacDonald’s cheeseburgers. I miss them!
    My whole body chemistry has changed since I gave up wheat, corn and soy. I’ll give beef another try in a few weeks.

  8. That looks wonderful. I think my kids would even like that. I don’t eat red meat but I think I will try to make that for the rest of the family. That is so funny what you say about your husband not cooking due to safety reasons. Mine has the same problem. He already caught the kitchen on fire twice. Once was very bad! He sticks to grilling now too and is NEVER allowed to make french fries! LOL!

  9. Pat

    Just dropping by (again!) to say I hope your Easter was wonderful! I made your “Bryan’s cheesecake”
    and my daughter made your “Orange walnut slaw”.
    Both were wonderful! We had a Gluten-free Easter dinner and every bit was delicious! Thanks for all your tips!

  10. glutenfreesoxfan

    We’ve been able to fire up the grill a few times already. I love doing mini clambake/shirmp boils in foil packets. Shellfish, corn, potato, sausage, Old Bay Seasoning. Yum! But you are right, just about anything works cooked that way. And it’s easy (the best part!)

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