Nurses, soup, gift basket and slaw!

Steve is doing great in his recovery.  Therapy has started and he has the most wonderful nurse named Grace that cares for him 24 hours a day.  She never leaves his side.  Hopefully by next week, life will be getting back to normal.

She doesn't like the camera.  Can you tell? 

Last week was Kati's birthday.  She turned 18!  One of my best friends sent her this really cool gluten free gift basket.  I thought this was the greatest thing to send!  It had some products in it that we have not tried yet.  Today, she took some of it in her lunch in her new bento box I got her.

I finally made chicken buffalo soup tonight.  I thought I better post a picture of it.  This is a soup fit for a man with it's cheesy base and hot sauce.   It comes together very quickly too.  I did not have a deli chicken so I used some chicken tenders.  The recipe doesn't call for it but I had to float some fresh parsley in it.  Try it, it's really good!

I also made some slaw to go with it.  I love slaw.  Not the commercial, pre-made deli slaw or the kind restaurants serve.  Yuk.  I love home made slaw.  There are so many ways to make it.  It's endless.
I love red cabbage.  Ever since I bought some several weeks ago for the fajitas, I have been craving red cabbage.  Maybe it's the dreary weather.  I need to eat bright colorful things when it's gloomy out. 

I think this is my favorite recipe for slaw.  It happened quite by accident tonight.  I had a small red cabbage in the fridge and I was wanting to make a salad to go with the soup.  So I came up with this.  I did not measure anything since I was just experimenting but this is one of those recipes you don't have to be exact on.
I have written the recipe with exactly what I put in it.  

I used an individual serving cup of mandarin oranges.  I'm sure you've seen them in the grocery in a 4 pack.  I only had one.  We ate the others!  It wasn't enough so I added some fresh orange.  I cut the peel off in order to get  all the bitter white part off.  If you are making this recipe you could use 2 oranges instead or 2 individual cups of manderine oranges.  Or, make it just like I did!  

Also, make sure you have fresh cilantro for this.  It just wouldn't be the same with dried.
I know I keep pushing fresh herbs on everyone, but really they are so much better than dried.  Every week I always try to buy both parsley and cilantro.  I clean them and put them in a ziplock bag with a paper towel.  They will last all week.  They are cheap too! 

Orange Walnut Slaw 

One half small red cabbage, chopped 
1 individual serving cup of mandarine oranges, chopped 
1 fresh orange, with peel cup off and chopped 
1 large fist full of walnuts, chopped fairly fine  (approximatly 1/2 cup) 
2 tablespoons of fresh chopped cilantro 
1 drizzle of Trader Joes' Orange Muscat Champagne vinegar 

Mix all ingredients together and enjoy!
Hopefully, I will have menu's up for next week and maybe even a new recipe over the weekend.  So check back!


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8 responses to “Nurses, soup, gift basket and slaw!

  1. Nooo. I don’t think she likes the camera at all 😉 What a cutie!
    The gift basket is such a sweet idea and the slaw looks refreshing and delicious!

  2. Glutigirl

    Lizzie, She usually hides when I get it out. When I first got the camera, it made a funny noise when it took the picture and that’s what freaks her out. I have since turned the sound effects off, but she has not forgotten!

  3. YAY!!! I’m so glad things went well for Steve! And Happy Birthday to Kati!! What a busy week you’ve had! That soup looks amazing!! YUM! I bet it is SO good with the cheese and hot sauce! Delicious! I look forward to seeing your weekend posts! Our plum trees are blooming and I thought of you yesterday when I saw them! Have a great day! PS… I LOVE cabbage too! I’ll have to try your recipe!

  4. Gluten Free Steve

    That soup looks yummy. And what a great gift basket. I had one of my vendors from work send me a similar one two years ago, and I was very touched by the thought. And if I remember correctly, the Temptations bar was pretty darn good (mine was mint flavored).

  5. I hope Steve is doing well, and tell Kati we said Happy Birthday. Did I meet Grace when we visited?

  6. Glutigirl

    Ginger, Thanks, he is doing well. I can’t remember if I told you that I told him you said to work really hard on therapy. You gave good advice. It’s been a long week! But, he is doing really well at his homework. They can’t believe how well he is doing. He almost has full range of motion already.
    I think you probably did meet Grace. She is the friendly one of all of them and Steve’s baby!

  7. Michelle

    oh! I see a lara bar in the basket. Those are my absolute favourite bars!!! I usually don’t like to spend that kind of money, but for those I will. My favourite is the apple pie and key lime. I haven’t tried the lemon one yet, but I have one waiting for me on my next hike. Enjoy!

  8. That soup looks wonderful and the salad is just too pretty to eat.
    What a cutie Grace is. She must be such a great comfort for Steve while he’s recovering.

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