The Best Bread EVER!

You can see this post about Gluten Free Mommies bread here on my new blogging site….


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27 responses to “The Best Bread EVER!

  1. Melanie-

    Your compliments make me blush! Thank you so much. You made! I really loved the flavor of this bread too. Thanks for trying it out in the bread machine. I will get mine working soon! Your pictures are gorgeous as usual. 🙂

  2. That bread does look tasty. And your slaw is gorgeous! Love the color combination.

  3. Glutigirl

    Thank you! The bread has stayed moist and good for 3 days! We finished the last of it today.

  4. Bryan

    Hey I really like your site! Its cool! I bet its helping a lot of people you don’t even know about!

  5. Glutigirl

    Thanks Bryan!

  6. Gina Kinslow

    Hey Mel, your site is fantastic! I enjoy searching through it. Hugs, Gina

  7. Glutigirl

    Thank you Gina! Hugs back to you!

  8. The bread sounds divine- I wonder if it would ever work egg-free? Ha. The colors in the slaw are gorgeous!

  9. Your bread looks amazing, your photos are fantastic! I love all the colorful soups and salads on your blog. 🙂

  10. Glutigirl

    Karina, Maybe you could use the egg replacer? I don’t know how that works in bread. I think the combination of the oat flour and millet is what makes it so good.

  11. Glutigirl

    Meta! Thank you. You could do this! I know you have lots of yummy recipes. It’s a great outlet to be creative and I know you are very creative!

  12. Susan

    Your recipe sounds divine! However, I don’t have a bread machine with a gluten free setting. Think I can do it on one of the other settings? Thanks!

  13. Hi you all,
    I am going to try this in my bread maker,
    been looking everywhere for help on this,
    let you know.
    from a gluti in England

  14. Lisa from Canada


    Did you proof the yeast before adding it or did you just sprinkle it on top? If you didn’t proof, did you add the entire 1 and a quarter cup warm water to the wet ingredients?


  15. Glutigirl

    Lisa, When I use the bread machine, I just sprinkle it on top. Yes, I use the full amount of water.

  16. dm

    I am trying to respond to the fajitas and have no clue–looks like I am responding to the bread!
    Are these gluten free flour tortilla’s? Isn’t this a gluten free blog?
    I am looking for a recipe for gluten free flour tortillas as we don’t liek the rice ones available (too hard). Thanks!

  17. Glutigirl

    Dm, Yes, this is a gluten free blog. I’m sorry, reading back the post I did not make that clear. The recipe was a gluten recipe from a magazine. I just reprinted it exactly from the magazine which called for flour tortillas. In it’s place, I used corn tortillas.

  18. I’ve been off gluten for a couple of years now, and have never tried making GF bread. I’m ready! A friend gave me a used Zojirushi bread machine (which I will clean very carefully before using). This recipe looks great. My question for you is, what settings did you use? Having never used a bread machine before, I’m at a total loss. It looks from one of your photos like you may also have a Zojirushi machine.
    Thanks for whatever advice you can provide.
    Green Key

  19. economystyle

    Hi! Was wondering when you make Natalie’s bread in your bread machine if you proof the yeast the way she does or do you simply sprinkle it directly from the packet on top of the dry ingredients? Thanks!

  20. Glutigirl

    economystyle, I sprinkle the yeast right on top per the bread machine instructions. It always turns out great!

  21. I am making this recipe from Natalie’s site as I type…but wondering if I could make it in my breadmachine, it’s old and doesn’t have a gluten-free setting. I read that you used it with the same settings as a mix you use. What setting is that. I remember before going gluten-free I tried some hardy ingredients in my machine (without the proper setting) and have been pretty scared of it since.

  22. Becky

    Thank you Natalie and Glutigirl! I haven’t enjoyed bread in 4 years (since being diagnosed with celiac). I just got a Cuisinart bread machine w/ a gluten free setting (a Christmas gift that was backordered for 4 months)…this was my first experiment. I actually hadn’t seen this site before I tried Natalie’s recipe. Its maple syrup season in New England, so it seamed appropriate.
    1st try: I followed the machine’s instructions and put the yeast on top. I also used sprite for club soda (lame, I know, but who has club soda on hand? I added it to the shopping list, and moved on). It came out as a dense lump. It didn’t rise a bit. But it was cooked and goooood!
    2nd try: I proofed the yeast as instructed, but poured it into the wet ingredients on the bottom (this time including the club soda). I also added about 1/2 cup of flax meal (just to help with the guilt I felt for eating the first blob in three days). A beautiful, happy, fluffy loaf! My gluten loving boyfriend’s remark….”Wow! It taste like bread. Uhh, can I have my own piece?”
    Thank you, ladies, for bringing bread back into my life!
    Now, after reading Glutigirl’s post, I know I have more research to do…Was it the sprite? Was it just that loaf? Or is it my machine that wants the yeast on the bottom?

  23. Hi Glutigirl! I’ve made this bread twice (in my bread maker) and it is DELICIOUS! We’ve tried a lot of gluten-free breads and I have to say that I think this is one of my very favorites.

    I do have a question for you. (I posted my questions on Natalie’s site too, but it occurs to me that I might want to check with you, since I used my bread machine). Both times I have made it, it has risen well, but then it would sink in the middle. Not a lot. But a little. Both times I have added about 1/4 c water because it seemed really really thick (more thick than I imagine cake batter would be, but then I’ve never made cake, so I don’t know for sure). Should I just let it be super thick and not add the additional water?

    I did also make a few changes to the recipe: Subbed one of the eggs with egg-replacer (plus water, of course), replaced the brown sugar with date sugar, and I used canola oil instead of butter. Also, I did NOT proof the yeast because I’ve read that that is not really necessary with gluten-free bread and I’ve never proofed the yeast with other breads and they turn out fine. But if you think that really is the problem, I will give it a shot.

    I would love to hear your thoughts. And thanks for converting this delicious recipe into one for the bread machine!


  24. Glutigirl

    I might be that you have too much water? It’s pretty thick, thicker than cake batter. I would try adding just a little less and see what it does. Most all the breads I make in the bread machine are very thick. I don’t proof the yeast either if I use my bread machine. I just put it in on top of my dry ingredients. Let me know how it turns out!

  25. GREAT! Thank you so much. I will try less water next time and let you know how it works out!

  26. Kate

    Lisa from Canada’s question (and corresponding answer) was so helpful! I’ve been scouring the interwebs for whether or not to proof the yeast before bread machine use, and even the yeast brand’s website did not offer a clear answer on the issue. Thanks!

  27. Jennie

    I am going to attempt this bread tonight for my gluten free 10 year old. It looks yummy! I read through all of the posts on your blog, but am still unsure as to which bread machine setting I should use. I’ve only tried the bread machine once for a GF loaf, and I used the rapid rise setting… but that was just a guess and I don’t know if it rose as much as it should. Thanks!

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