Sick Days = no menu Monday!

We are all sick here at my house.  It started with my son getting the flu.  I started getting sick Saturday.  Hubby got up today with a head cold.  Younger Gluti Girl came home last night with a sore throat.
I am doing okay today, but I didn't get a weekly menu planned.  At least today I am up moving around so far.  Saturday I started my herbal assault on my body.  Hopefully, it will keep me from getting worse.  Whenever I start getting sick, I eat raw garlic two to three times a day.  I know it sounds horrible, but it works.  If it doesn't totally throw the germs out of you, at least you don't get as sick as you would. 

The ingredient of the week is chocolate and all I have is a secret stash of Dove.  I'm not telling where it is.  It's mine.  I'm not sharing. 

What is a sick glutenless gut to eat when sick?  That is a problem.  Before when I was sick, I would send the hubby to a fast food place for anything that resembled food.  Now, I hardly want to eat fast food when I'm well (because of the cross contamination issue), let alone sick.  Over the weekend we ate a casserole I had in the freezer.  I am also keep some canned gluten free soups on hand just in case no one can cook.  Pacific, Amy's and Progresso all make some that are gluten free.
I have a couple bread mixes that are easy to throw in
Ms. Zoey.   

If I can get bread made, grilled peanut butter sandwiches are wonderful when you are sick.  How do you make that you ask?  Make a peanut butter sandwich, butter the outside of both sides of the bread just like you would make a grilled cheese, then grill it.  Oh man, hot melty peanut butter!  Now that's comfort food.
With that, hopefully we will survive!


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7 responses to “Sick Days = no menu Monday!

  1. I’m sorry y’all are sick. We can’t get rid of anything around our house. I hope you’re better soon. 🙂

  2. Awwww…. get better soon Melanie!!! I’m sorry you are all sick! My hubbie is sick today too! I hope you feel better soon! Dove chocolate always helps me too! haha!

  3. Get well soon, Melanie! It’s OK you can tell me where the dove candy is. I promise I won’t tell 🙂
    I hope you feel back to yourself soon. P.S. I love melty peanut butter.

  4. glutenfreesoxfan

    I hope you are feel better soon! Never good when the whole family starts getting sick. And I agree that it’s much harder to find easy “comfort” food when you don’t feel well. Amy’s soups are a good idea. I also keep Tinkyada pasta around – I’ll eat that straight with butter and cheese. Pasta was always my comfort food.

  5. Glutigirl

    Ginger, Thanks! Only Jack Bauer could torture the chocolate hiding place out of me! But if you came over I would give you a piece 🙂
    Karen, Oh pasta with butter and cheese! That does sound good. And some olive oil. Now I know what’s for lunch 🙂

  6. Hope you get well soon, Melanie. We have been sick too. It is no fun!

  7. glutenfreesteve

    Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Seems like so many people have “the crud” the past few weeks and are ill. 😦

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