Winter Blah…. and Grilled Summer Chicken

This is what it's like here….cold…yuk. We were suppose to have 4 to 8 inches. The weather people, who just make stuff up, were just so happy yesterday because of this. They are not happy today. Other than being super cold here for a while, not much has happened weather wise until the weekend when it warmed up. 

Then Monday we had tornado warnings. Turn the tv on and there are serious, but happy weather people (who make stuff up). You could see it in their eye's. A very serious weather person look, with this little evil twinkle……"the weathers bad, winds…blah, blah, blah…hail….blah, take shelter…..blah, blah". I swear I could hear an evil laugh as they were going to commercial break. Tornado sirens. Hiding in the basement. Shaking little dogs. 

I could just picture them in my mind around the water cooler the next day talking about the big weather and the excitement of it all. They missed that. I just know they did. So yesterday they came up with this story. The same one the have told already several time this winter, I think when they feel the need of attention. Doomsday. Snow…… mountains of snow….bruhahahahaha! Bar your doors, buy candles, gas up the snow blower! I heard one of them say for certainty…."school will be closed!" People rushed to the grocery and hardware stores! I didn't. They just make stuff up. The weather people who cried, Wolf!
This is what we got. Geeze. It was kind of fun watching them eat crow all day! 

I however, have had enough of winter. I'm over it. WAY over it. Tonight I was in the need of a taste of summer. I scrapped my menu plan and decided to grill some chicken. I have a favorite relish for grilled chicken that just screams with the flavors of summer. I got the recipe from Weight Watchers years ago, but somewhere along the line lost the real recipe. So I just make it up as I go (like the weather people)from what I can remember of the original recipe. 

I don't know why, but I made it with South Beach mashed potatoes, which really doesn't go well with this dish. But that's what I did. I think my brain is confused. I think it was all the stress put on me by the weather people who make stuff up!
This relish contains jicama. I love jicama. If you've not tried it, it's another one of those things you must try. It's very crisp, with the texture and feeling of a radish or raw potato, but has a light almost sweet flavor. It goes perfectly with lime and cilantro. It is used a lot in Mexican cooking and the plant itself is a native of South American. It is pronounced hee-kah-mah. The only part of the plant you can eat is the tuberous root. All other parts of the plant are poisonous.
Jicama is a carbohydrate. 

We have skipped right to phase two of South Beach and have been eating one or two small amounts of healthy carbohydrates a day. This was the perfect accompaniment to the grilled chicken! 

Grilled Chicken with Jicama Corn relish 

Marinate some chicken breast and grill or cook your favorite way. Serve hot with the cold relish spooned over the top. 


1 cup of diced jicama 
1 cup of frozen corn, thawed but not cooked 
1/2 a red pepper, chopped 
1 Tablespoon or 2 of chopped, fresh cilantro 

Mix the above ingredients together. Add a splash of balsamic vinegar. I add just enough to wet the ingredients. Then a squeeze of lime juice. If you like more, add more by all means! Mix well and spoon over hot grilled chicken.
This would also be good as a side dish in the summer with a can of black beans added to it. 


My version of South Beach Mashed Potatoes
(But you might want to serve them with something else. They don't really go with the above dish.) 

Steam or cook a 1 pound bag of frozen cauliflower till tender. Transfer to either a processor or a bowl. From there you make them just like mashed potatoes. I did not measure any of this because who does that with mashed potatoes? Dump in some butter, cream, and my secret ingredient, about 1 oz. of cream cheese (I put cream cheese in my mashed potatoes too), salt and pepper. I used my immersion blender, or you could use your processor or mixer to puree them. They are surprisingly good!

Soon, baby soon! I'm coming back to you! 


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6 responses to “Winter Blah…. and Grilled Summer Chicken

  1. Glutigirl

    Steve, It would be good with hummus. Do you cut it in slices and dip it?

  2. Steve

    I love jicama as well. I’ve eaten it over the years, and last year was the first time I’ve ever purchased one. It’s just crisp and crunchy and so good with hummus.

  3. The weather people do have a field day with potential bad news; it’s the only time people are really listening! to them. It’s hard to know when to take the dire predictions seriously. I mean, you don’t want to end up in a Category 4 hurricane or end up with no food in a blizzard, but geez–it gets old hearing “Bad weather is coming!” every week.

  4. I LOVE Jicama too! Even though I have mispronounced it for years!!!! I’m glad you like the mashed cauliflower! I LOVE that stuff! Can’t get enough of it! You’ve been tagged my friend! Check out my site for details!

  5. Kathy

    “I just make it up as I go (like the weather people)”
    lol Melanie!! You are a comedienne!!
    I am going to sneak the WW mashed potato recipe by Mike and see if he notices. They sound yummy! Anything with cream cheese added to it just has to be.
    I also want to try the jicama relish but so far haven’t been able to locate any in our grocery stores here in town. For a city this size, that’s downright sinful.

  6. Glutigirl

    Kathy- He might like those mashed cauliflowers. It’s different but really good. Steve couldn’t figure out what it was. And jicama is wonderful. It just tastes so fresh and summery. I love it with cilantro, but then I just really like cilantro!

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