Amy’s Chunky Tomato Bisque Product Review


I'm sure you've noticed that it's really hard to find very many gluten free canned soups.  I have never been a fan of canned soup.  I consider it an emergency staple.  Not eaten because it tastes good, but because you have to eat something.  I always kept some on hand for those days I needed a quick lunch or if I was sick.  If someone else in the house got sick, I could make homemade chicken noodle soup in the blink of an eye.  Do you think someone would make mom homemade noodle soup?  Only if home made came in a can!
I also kept the traditional cream of mushroom and cream of tomato soup on hand for those certain recipes that called for those soups.  It's funny how you can learn to live without them.   
Every once in a while I would eat cream of tomato just as soup.  I could never eat it plain though.  I always had to add either crumbled Ritz crackers or rice or something to it.
This soup is different though.  This soup I eat just because it's good.  It's chunky and has a very robust tomato flavor.  There is also little hint of sweetness like fresh homegrown garden tomatoes have.  My mom introduced me to it on New Years day when she made lunch for us.  It was so good I went out and bought some.  Then I gave it to hubby one day for lunch.  He is not a fan of any soup with no meat or a soup without large pieces of something in it.  And he definitely does not care for tomato soup.  Every time I give him this for lunch he can't stop talking about how good it is.  "I really haven't ever liked tomato soup, but this is so good!", he says. 

Serve it with a grilled cheese sandwich and you've got a good lunch.  I have also used this in place of Campbell's Cream of tomato in recipes that had called for it.  It is not condensed but has such a better flavor.  This could be used in many recipes that have a tomato base.
It comes in both regular and a low sodium variety if you are watching your salt intake.  Best of all, it says gluten free right on the label!  Be warned however, it does contain dairy products.  If that is not a problem for you then, enjoy!



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4 responses to “Amy’s Chunky Tomato Bisque Product Review

  1. You know who has a nice tomato soup GF? Trader Joe’s. But you’re right on this one — I like it, too. Tomato soup is a must-have comfort food for me, and this is pretty close to what I crave.
    It’s also good with both the Glutino or Glutano crackers crumbled in it.

  2. Glutigirl

    I have not tried Trader Joe’s yet. I will have to try it. I have tried some of their other cream soups that were pretty good as well, like the carrot ginger soup.

  3. jeremy

    this soup is jest like me moms makes back in eirland. she used to sey ‘it warms yer bones so da skin dont fall off’. and its true. i say that to meself every time i eats it. thanks (shlonka) for reviving a good memorie.

  4. yvonne

    I use this awesome Amy’s soup as my spaghetti sauce base. Adds some extra seasonings for me and the fam loves it much more now that before!

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