Meet the dogs

Well, it's Saturday night and I'm bored out of my mind!  It's cold here in Indiana.  I mean cold.  There is nothing on TV.  I'm having 24 withdraw thanks to the writers strike.  If they weren't striking I would have something to look forward to on Monday nights.  Because I am married to a union man, I do understand so take no offense if you are a writer or know one.  I just miss me some Jack Bauer! 

Since there is not much to do here but be cold and eat, and I'm trying to avoid mindless snacking, I decided to post about my dogs or the girls as we call them.  If you are a regular reader of my blog, I'm sure you've seen them from time to time.  I guess it's time I give you a formal introduction and tell you a little about them. 

Our oldest dog is Mable.  She is owned by young Gluti Girl, Kati.  Mable is a mutt.  A Heinz 57 variety.  She was a birthday present to Kati when she was in the 4th grade.  We think she is some kind of shepherd mix.  She is greatest dog.  Very patient.  After all, she puts up with 3 little terriers. 

At the time we got our first terrier, we had Mable and a Golden Retriever name Goldie.  I had never had a small dog before and made the mistake of dog sitting for a friend who owned a small dog.  It was instant love.  I always thought in order to qualify for being a real dog, it needed to have some size on it.  I was a small dog snob.  I thought that only large dogs were "real dogs".  Little did I know. 

I did my research for an entire summer trying to decide on the right small breed for me.  This was going to be my dog!  Then I found out about rat terriers.  I instantly fell in love with the breed and to this day think they are the greatest breed ever.  They are funny and energetic, but not too energetic.  When you are active, they are active.  But the minute you sit down, they are down and quiet too.  They love their people and are very much lap dogs.  They need to be with you where ever you are.  I call mine the three stooges.  Goof balls they are! 

The dog I ended up getting after all that research is Triniti.  She is a fireball.  All of nine pounds and totally full of it.  She has killed a bunny, a squirrel and last summer caught a bird in mid flight in the back yard.  The bird pecked at her and put a hole in her back that required stitches and cost me $250.00.  She is name after the character Trinity from the Matrix.  And yes, she does have a black leather coat and sunglasses.  And yes, I do have a picture to prove it, I just have to find it somewhere.  And yes, it's true we wanted a male we could name Neo, but ended up with a girl instead.  I know, we ARE crazy.  I know that.

So about a year after we got Triniti, we knew we needed another rat terrier.  There is a saying in the rat terrier community….they are like Lays Potato chips, you can't just have one.  I met this breeder online and she had this pup she was trying to find a home for.  We feel in love with her.  The only problem was, she was living in Vermont.   Thank goodness for frequet flyer miles.  Steve flew out and brought her home in the same day.  We named her Grace.  That was an oxmoron.  She is not real graceful.  She was wild as a pup and at 12 weeks flew off the bed and broke her leg.  She spent several months in a cast.  She is a great dog though and loves everyone she comes into contact with. 

Both Trinit and Grace travel with us from time to time.    They have little bags they travel in and fly with us in the plane.  They are very good at flying.  People in the airport love to visit with them in between flights.  Here they are in Del Mar, California at the beach. 

That was it.  We were all done.  At the time we had four dogs.  Goldie was really getting up there in age and was not so healthy anymore (she has since passed away).  I had all I could handle in the way of dogs and vet bills! 

Then one day in mid February, I was on the rat terrier board online reading the posts.  I saw a plea for help from a rescue group I was familar with.  There had been a puppy mill shut down in Indiana.  The judge gave 24 hours for rescue groups to find places for over 50 dogs.  Thirty four of them were rat terriers.  If the dogs were not removed they would be put down immediatly.  They needed help gettting the dogs to the rescue groups.
I couldn't say no.  It was close to home.  

It was a very cold winters day.  We took all the crates we owned, which was three.  The goal was to get as many out as we could.  It was like an episode of Animal Cops.  We caravaned to the property with the local sherrif and the animal control agent.  There were several rescue groups there.  But just 3 of us representing rat terrier rescue.  All were rescued.  We took 6 home ourselves.  Two of them went to foster homes and the rest were adopted right away.  Three of them right in our own family. 

Never in a million years did I think we would keep any of the dogs.  I did not need another dog to care for.  But, after being there and seeing the conditions the animals were in, it affected me so.  That is how Mia came to live with us.  She was about 5 months old.  The first thing I noticed about her was the smell.  Horrible.  Then her fur.  Her fur was a mess, very thin and some missing.  Her ears were horrible.  All bumpy and rough like sandpaper.  She was very underweight and bony.  

Our son was wanting to keep her very badly.  I wasn't so sure I wanted another dog.
I don't think she had had any human contact.   She was scared to death of everyone.  And, she was clearly sick.  The first night at our house must have been her first night inside.  She slept in our mud room.  She never made a peep.  When I took her to the vet I found out she had a heart murmer because she had 3 kinds of worms.  Our vet told us if she had not gotten medical attention she would have died.  That was the moment I knew she was mine.  

After seeing what I saw, I knew I couldn't let her go, and I had to be the one to give her a good life.
We nursed her back to health.  She learned to trust me.  She still doesn't trust very many other people.  Matter of fact, she still won't go near my husband.  She is very afraid of men.  My son wanted her to be his dog, but she is afraid of him still.  She is a mommy's girl.  She takes medication because she would have little flash backs and that helps her a lot.  It took well over a month for the smell to leave her and it took five months for her fur and weight to return to normal.
This was her first night with us.  This was taken after a bath.  I washed her three times!

She is a very happy dog.  She is the one that melts my heart.  The others don't have a clue about what kind of world is out there, but she does.  And when she is happy, it's like she's going to burst from not being able to contain it.  She won the lottery and she clearly knows it.  She has blessed me more than she will ever know.
Here she is fat and happy! 

She is a ham and loves to have her picture taken. 


Of course they are all Colts fans! 

So those are our girls.  Hopefully you have enjoyed meeting them and learning a little about them.  They are, by the way, gluten free as well.  That's another thing to think about.  If your dog is eating treats with gluten in them, make sure you wash your hands good after giving them out.  I solved that problem by buying them gluten free treats and food.  There are many brands of dog food that do not use any grain in them.  We feed EVO brand and treats.  Something to think about if you haven't already.  See, there was a gluten free point to this post after all!


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7 responses to “Meet the dogs

  1. I am so glad I’m not the only crazy gluten-free pet lover! 😉 We’d get a dog (I really want to rescue a beagle! I’ve always wanted a beagle!) but we have to fix the fence in our backyard before we can do that! I love rescues and your passion for your animals! They deserve good homes and love too! All 4 of our kitty furrbabies were adopted either from local agencies or we rescued them. I’m so glad I married a man who has as much compassion for animals as I do, if not more! (He once rescued this adorable 3 week old kitten in the middle of the road late one night on the way home from church… I love that man!) Your dogs are cuties!!! (Go Colts!) Wonderful post Melanie! I have a sweet spot for pet lovers (and advocates!) We also have betta fish and a hamster named Freddie. Anytime you would like to come and clean his cage just let me know! ;-P

  2. Kathy

    Melanie: I LOVED this entry!! So good to see the girls, and I include Mable in there, too. Always a treat seeing that Colts Fan pic again!! Try to stay warm…it is very cold here in Kalamazoo, too. 🙂

  3. Rhea

    Awww, I love those stories, Mel, about your pups. Yes, we know how special those ratties are, and your photos of Trini and the rest are just gorgeous. Curl up with them and they’ll keep you warm!

  4. Glutigirl

    Carrie – LOL, isn’t cleaning cages fun! The reason Kati ended up getting Mable for her birthday was because she kept wanting things with cages. I knew somehow that would fall on me, so we got the dog. No cage 🙂
    Now you will have to tell the story of your kitties! I used to be a big cat fan when I was young, but then there was the litter box. You see, I guess I have a box, cage phobia! Well, really I’m just lazy. I’d rather scoop once a week or better yet make Steve do it!
    Kathy – I knew you’d love seeing the girls! They were so cold last night!
    Rhea – The first thing I did when I got in bed last night was to call them to get under the covers. If you put 3 ratties in an enclosed area, especially under a down comforter, they can put out more BTU’s than a furnace! Especially Mia, she is a heat machine. I think growing up outside in the cold Indiana weather over developed her internal heater!

  5. Cassandra

    Don’t tell my family, but one of these days I just might have to break down and get a dog (but not until the kids are all in school, at least). I don’t want a dog – especially not one as noisy as my neighbors’. But now that I’m allergic to cats, it’ll be a lonely little place when the kids are gone (unless I get a J.O.B.). If I could get a small, non-noisy dog that’s easily trained… 🙂

  6. What a fun post. I enjoyed meeting your “girls.” We have a rescue dog, too. She is a Skye terrier, and is a wonderful pet. She is getting old, hard of hearing and mostly blind, but is still a wonderful companion.

  7. Glutigirl

    Ornery’s wife – It is wonderful having a rescue. They just appreciate everything so much, don’t you think?

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