Glutano Cracker’s

From time to time I will be doing product reviews.  The hardest thing about going gluten free is finding replacements for food I used to eat.  Even when I did see things, I just didn't know what to buy or what was good.  It's just so overwhelming in the beginning.  This weekend I will be approaching my one year anniversary!  I have tried many things in the last year.  Some are not worth trying again and some I will. 

This is a product I will be buying again.  I found them on Amazon last week.  I was looking for some Dr. Schar crackers.  I have tried one package of those and loved them.  The place I got them from charged and arm and leg for shipping so until I find a reasonable place to buy them from, I will do without them.  But while shopping for the Dr. Schar, I found these crackers from Glutano.  There were a couple reviews that were pretty good so I figured they were worth a shot. 

On Amazon, you get 12 packages.  Each package contains 3 individually wrapped packages.  Each individual package is 1.76 oz. so you get a total of 5.28 oz. in a three pack.  It looks like you are not getting very many crackers, but a box of Blue Diamond Nut Thins are only 4.25 oz. in a package.  So there are more than you think.  The packaging is more efficient.  

Currently, Amazon is sold out of them, but I know they will get them back in stock.
What I like about the packaging is the fact the crackers are in three individual packages.  You get 8 crackers in each package.  This is great if you need to grab a pack of crackers to keep in your purse or put in a child's lunch.  You also don't have a whole box open and go stale on you.  They will stay wrapped and fresh until they are ready to use.
I also really like how they taste.  They are not like a rice cracker.  I like rice crackers but get sick of them.  I want something that tastes like a cracker and this does.  These are more like a Keebler Club Cracker.  Now I won't say they taste exactly like that because nothing does.  But they are a good replacement for Club Crackers if you used to like them. 

Keep in mind that gluten free things are never going to taste like gluten filled things so you really can't compare.  You can only find a replacement for what you used to enjoy and learn to appreciate that product on it's own merit.
They are not gritty and they also do not fall apart just by looking at them.  Several brands of gluten free crackers I've tried fall apart very easy.  These will stand up to a spreading of peanut butter.  They would also be good crumbled in soup or with a slice of cheese.  Even my two men of the house who can eat gluten, like these crackers. 

I believe Glutano is made in Denmark.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.  They contain corn and potato starch, soya flour, vegetable oil, rice flour, sugar, salt and yeast.  There is a warning on the label that they could contain traces of nuts, milk and eggs.  I give them two thumbs up and will order them again!


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5 responses to “Glutano Cracker’s

  1. I really like these, too. I think they taste good with salads (chicken/tuna). And they’re good crumbled up in a cup of tomato soup…

  2. Glutigirl

    Ginger, I thought they would be good in tomato soup too!

  3. Great info melanie!! I’ve missed crackers like that! I used to eat them with half a slice of cheese on them and a piece of pepporoni! I will have to give those a shot! Great review!! Wow, i haven’t had those in AGES!!!

  4. Thanks for the review. I will have to get some of those to keep on hand when we go places and I want to pack something. They would be great for that.

  5. Hey, I saw your review and tried to find them on Amazon and they don’t even have them listed. Please let us know when they get them back! It would be nice to have one that doesn’t break when you put a spread on it, like Glutino’s does, but theirs does have a great taste.

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