Tough Game Day

So the Colts just got beat by my favorite city's team. I am just so disappointed. I never expected to loose in the first game of the playoffs. We sucked. It's probably just as well. If I had to sit through a game with the Patriots I would have probably had a heart attack. I get too nervous. The Patriots are like the Nicks or Pistons used to be. Tough. They are a mean team. I really wanted the Colts to be the ones to beat them too. Bummer.



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2 responses to “Tough Game Day

  1. Bobbi Graves

    Poor Colts. I am sad, too. Gord & Lynn were at the game – bet they are in tears. Well that now leaves a few Sundays for something more productive – like cooking & eating!

  2. I love your new page! And I’m sorry about the Colts – I felt bad for Peyton – that one interception when he hit his receiver in the hands was just unfair. He can’t catch a break. But as a die-hard Pats fan, I have to say that I’m glad we are playing the Chargers and not the Colts next weekend. Our pass defense is a little weak at times, and we would have had a much tougher time against the Colts (that’s not to say we wouldn’t have beaten them, though!) lol!

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