A well meaning neighbor

What do you do when a very sweet, well meaning neighbor shows up with this?

The best I could do was to put a warning note on it and send it to the basement where the gluten lives, in the room of my gluten eating son.



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7 responses to “A well meaning neighbor

  1. Cassandra

    I actually had something like this happen to me last Christmas. I had to be at church early to go over music with some people. I thought something had been forgotten (and ran home to get it). When I got there (running frantically, I might add) there were two men bringing us a plate of some goodies their wives had made. The best I could do was say sorry, I can’t have wheat in my house, and apologize and better explain later (after the Christmas program was over).

  2. ByTheBay

    I think the polite thing to do is accept it, and then “re-gift” it by giving it to gluten-eating friends. I wouldn’t keep it in the house, but nor would I turn it down.

  3. Gluti Girl

    I debated whether or not to pass it on to someone else. But my son, who is 21 and lives in our basement, has gluten down there already. It’s the only area of the house that has gluten. He keeps his buns for hamburgers, peanut butter and white bread (yuk), crackers etc. He eats it in the basement too! He’s got a little fridge and table, kind of his own little pad! Funny thing is, he said he liked the gluten free one’s I made better!

  4. Ginger Carter Miller, Ph.D.

    You did the right thing. We’re going to have to create “Gluten Free Zone” big ass signs to put by our doors or something.Sometimes, it’s NOT the thought that counts…

  5. Gluti Girl

    Ginger, Ha! I did that with a no soliciting sign on my front door and it still doesn’t work! I think no one knows what soliciting means. My guess is no one would know what gluten was either, LOL!

  6. Lea Ray

    Unfortunately no matter how many times you say it, the message of “No Gluten” still does get across. We can just hope that someday…

  7. Katie

    Oh, don’t you hate that! I’ve had something like this happen to me before! It’s hard not to feel bad, but it’s not our fault we can’t eat gluten! Just found your site and look forward to reading about your journey. Feel free to visit my site for gf recipes 🙂 ps. How long have you and your daughter known you can not have gluten?

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