The Party

I took some pictures of the party table. Lightings not so good… was evening. If you would have told me a year ago that I could have put on a completely gluten free party and the food would still be great, I might not have believed you. Seeing is believing!
I didn't tell anyone it was all gluten free although some already knew it would be. I wanted to see the response first. One of the wives ate some of the Blue Diamond Nut Thin crackers and had a fit over them because she liked them so well. She had no idea they were gluten free. I just had to giggle at that. My little secret!



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2 responses to “The Party

  1. Gluten Free Steve

    Everything looks so yummy and beautiful. You’d have made Martha Steward proud! How did the cookies turn out – I miss good old fashioned iced sugar cookies.

  2. a kelly

    Amazing…everything looks delicious!Who needs gluten when you can have a spread like that?Do you cater??Mail Order??Your guests were soooo lucky!

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