Still cooking out

It's been almost a week since I last ate out and I've really enjoyed just being home all week and cooking. Nothing fancy, just simple meals. I am feeling better. 

Besides trying to figure out how to live this gluten free life, I have battled some thyroid issues the last nine months. My thyroid gland was removed some 25 years ago due to thyroid cancer. I don't have any working gland. Ninety-five percent was removed and the rest was killed off. So every once in a while my hormone levels get off and it takes some time to straighten it all out.
Without explaining all the boring details, I have been hypo (low) a good bit of this year. I think we are getting pretty close to normal now and hope with this new dose I'm on we will hit our mark. 

I thought when I went gluten free, I would loose weight. I think of all the food I have given up! But, since I have been hypothyroid, no weight loss. No gain either, but still. So, with almost normal levels of thyroid and being gluten free and healthier, I am embarking on joining Weight Watchers. I did it several years ago and had pretty good luck. 

Being gluten free and on Weight Watchers is so easy. All foods are assigned points. Breads can take up so many points and since I'm not eating so many breads and carbs already, that frees up points for other foods. So now we will see what kind of healthy, lower fat gluten free meals I can come up with. 

My son called last night on his way home from work and was craving burgers on the grill. Wow, no gluten and low fat. So I had him stop and buy me some ground turkey breast and for everyone else, ground beef. I always have to doctor everything so I made my patties and then I sprinkle both side of the patties with:
Garlic Powder
Garlic Pepper Blend
Onion powder
Crushed Red Pepper blend
Then grill.

 My son and his girlfriend snuck buns in at one end of the table, but hubby and I had our burgers with a chopped tomato relish. Chop equal amounts of fresh tomatoes and onions. Add some fresh chopped parsley and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Really, don't measure this, just guess. I also sauteed some shitake mushrooms I found in the veggie drawer and added those to top the burger. 

Then I needed a side dish. As I always do, I look in the fridge and make stuff up. I had some slaw mix so I took about a half a bag of that and added one shredded apple. I have a hand shredder. Who wants to dirty a food processor for things like this, besides, it builds muscle. Keep it simple. Quickly peel the apple and shred it right into the bowl of slaw. Most of the time I don't peel it either. More fiber. I found some pomegranate seeds so I added those. Then mixed in about a half a cup of mayonnaise and a little salt and pepper. I like really simple slaw, just mayo and some kind of fruit to give it a fresh taste. Apples work great for this as well as pineapple. 

This is how I love to cook the most. I hardly ever have a game plan unless company is coming or it's a holiday. Most weeks I go to the store and buy what looks good without a clue what I will do with it. I love to open the door of the fridge and just make something up. If you are new to cooking try this. The biggest fear I had when I first started out was I would screw it up. Have fun, be creative and don't worry about messing it up!


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2 responses to “Still cooking out

  1. Carrie

    I love it!!! Those both look delicious!! I hope you get to feeling much better soon!!!

  2. Gluti Girl

    Thanks Carrie, I am starting to feel better than I have in a long time. I loved your cranberries dish by the way and I’m itching to try it!

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