Cookie verdict

So the real test of a good cookie is the next day after you make it. Geeze, anything with hot, melting chocolate is good right out of the oven. This last batch I made was the best so far. They are so close to tasting just like the gluten variety I made all those years. Especally the next day. 

Sometimes with gluten free baked goods, they loose the better qualities very quickly. These cookies were crisp and more dense on day two. I could not stop munching on them all day.
The real test was when my son came home. He is very honest and picky and has been eating my recipe for 20 years. He thought it was almost the same. 

I have in mind a couple changes to make next time. So I will tweak it just a tiny bit more! I also think the dough, with some pecans added instead of the chocolate chips would make a very nice mexican weddding cake cookie. The dough was stiff enough to roll into a ball. There's an idea for the Christmas cookies already!

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