Lunch alone

My guys are out for the day and my younger gluti girl went off to church. I stayed home alone! I love it when I have a day alone. Yesterday was the same. Guys out all day, daughter at work. I had the luxury of sitting and reading in my Blogging for Dummies book all day! NO one to interrupt me. NO one needed anything. Well, there were my crazy barking dogs. I barely had any room on the sofa for my laptop and dummies book. For some reason, they think if I go to the sofa with a blanket it's for them. It's been suggested to me that they are spoiled. Humm. I'm not listening.

But, I had a great day. I experimented with making fried shrimp. It was ok, but not good enough to share yet. So if anyone has any suggestions, that would be great.

At lunch today, the younger gluti girl came home with her favorite Taco Bell Pinto's and Cheese. She's a teenager and she can't live without fast food. I did what I usually do. I open the fridge and find what I can. That's pretty much how I cook most of the time anyway. I plan meals every once in a while, but mostly I just make it up as I go.

Today I grilled up a burger with cheese. I found a partial carton of mushrooms and a leftover onion. I sautéed those up with some sliced garlic, olive oil, salt, and a splash of brandy. With toppings that yummy who needs a bun? The Colts game started and I had lunch for one.

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