Quick meal of the week

So many blogs I visit have these wonderful recipes, but they are so complicated or use unusual ingredients. I love to cook that way when I have time. Frequently I do this on Sunday afternoon. Most of the family is home or sometimes my mom comes over. That's when I like to be in the kitchen all afternoon with the Colts game going on in the background. 

But on a Monday night, after cleaning the house and doing laundry all day, that's the last thing I want to do. I want in and out quick! The meal I prepared tonight took just slightly over an hour to cook, eat and clean the kitchen. That I like. 

This is what you need: 

I package of Spinach & Asiago Cheese Chicken Sausage from Sam's Club 
I 5.5 oz. box Lindbergh Risotto Creamy Parmesan 
I package of slaw mix (bagged cabbage and carrots shredded) 
I package of baby carrots 
I zucchini 

It's still warm enough here to grill out. And I will pretty much grill until the snow falls. I have a love affair with my grill. I have tried pretty much anything you can thing of on it. I caught a pizza on fire on it once, but that's too long a story. 

A couple weeks ago while making slaw, I got the brainy idea to grill the cabbage from the slaw mix. I was so excited to try this!
You will need three bowls for your vegetables. Open your bag of slaw mix and dump it in a bowl. Drizzle it with olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic. I used a fresh clove that I quickly chopped, but you could use chopped from a jar or even powder as a last resort. 

Dump the carrots in a bowl and drizzle with olive oil, salt, pepper and dried rosemary to taste.

 Chop the zucchini and put in a bowl and drizzle with olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary. See, there's a theme going here. Dump. Drizzle. This took me all of about 6 minutes to do. Set those aside to be carried out to the grill. 

Start cooking the risotto according to directions. It's really easy. In a nut shell, you will saute the rice with oil, dump in the seasoning packet and water, bring to a boil and occasionally stir. Right after you get the risotto going, fire up your grill. The risotto only takes 20 min. I know, real risotto you are suppose to stay with and stir, but this is basically rice from a box. No one will know, especially your six year old. 

While you are waiting for that grill to get hot, carry your sausages and veggies to the grill area.
As soon as your grill comes to temperature at around 400 degrees you need to throw those sausages on the grill. To cook vegetables on the grill, I have purchased some stainless steel grates with small holes in them so things don't fall through. As soon as I put the sausages on, I put the carrots on too. 

Run back in to stir that risotto! At this point I put a lid on mine and turned the heat way down. By the time you come back out you will need to give your carrots a little stir and check the sausages.
When it's time to turn the sausages, you can then put the slaw mix and the zucchini on the grill. You will need to turn the vegetables every couple minutes like you would if you were stir frying. Keep doing this until the sausages and veggies are done. This takes very little time. By the time everything on the grill is done, so will your risotto. 

This is a very quick meal with very little prep!
If it were winter, you could roast the veggies in the oven on a cookie tray. Or, stir fry them in a skillet. You can use so many types of vegetables too. Same with the sausages. This brand of sausage is gluten free and sold as Sam's Club. It is a Members Mark brand. It is a little salty tasting due probably to the aisago cheese. It does contain MSG which I'm not crazy about eating. 

Another kind of sausage I like is Trader Joe's chicken apple sausage. It is not as salty, natural ingredients and gluten free as well. There are many of these types of healthier sausages out on the market lately.

 Let this quick meal inspire you to think of other ways to make quick meals. Experiment with vegetables! Grill something you wouldn't normally grill. The worst things that can happen is you might catch something on fire or it just might taste so bad the dogs won't eat it. Both of the things have happened at our house. Most of all, have fun!


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5 responses to “Quick meal of the week

  1. Ellen

    This looks yummy! I agree, even I (who seems to use every pot and utensil in my kitchen when I cook) think it’s a good idea to keep it simple most of the time. Good luck! BTW, the pie sounds great. Must try it!

  2. Barbara G

    Hey – you are the best cook ever and you make the world brighter! Love you – and these photos are fab – I feel a “kidnapping” coming on!

  3. Gluti Girl

    Help! A Stalker! He, he, just kidding. You can kidnap me anytime!

  4. Lea Ray

    That looks really good. I will have to try this one. Thanks for posting

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