Sick food!

No, not sick food… to eat when you are sick! 

My sweet daughter had to get her wisdom teeth out over the weekend. Uck! So what's a sick girl to eat when she's free and had her teeth pulled? Off to my local Krogers I went. I stocked up on Amy's rice macaroni and cheese, Jello brand jello and pudding, lots of ice cream (of course one coffee flavor and one chocolate), Ensure, applesauce, homemade hummus, and soooooo good Gluten Free Pantry's brownie mix.

Her wonderful friends stopped by with plenty of Starbucks to keep her caffinated. She is feeling much better now.
It's funny how when I was sick I always wanted saltine crackers. I never knew they were making me feeling worse! A vicious circle. 

There are plenty of gluten free sick food to choose from. No need for saltines any more! By the way, Gluten Free Pantry's brownies rock! I swear, best ever, gluten or non-gluten. They are chewey, chocolatey and yummy!


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2 responses to “Sick food!

  1. ~M

    Mashed potatoes are especially good since they are filling so the pain medications (check if gf!) don’t hurt your stomach so badly. Best of luck!

  2. Gluti Girl

    Oh, she loves those too! It’s funny that she wouldn’t eat any kind of potatoes except fries before going gluten free. Now she loves them baked and mashed!

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