I’m in bread heaven!

Ever since being freed, I have been on the search for a good bread. I've tried several mixes and several recipes from scratch and most were ok. But that was the problem, they were just ok. Then I found Breads From Anna Bread Mix. This bread is more than ok, it's wonderful! It's a lot like a whole wheat bread which is what I mostly ate before being freed. The smell while it's baking is incredible. Of course I always have to cut several pieces while it's still hot and slather them with butter then devour them immediately. 

This is the bread I am using for the holidays. I am having our family Thanksgiving this year so I have been "practicing" some recipes so I know they will work out before the big day. This last weekend, I used this bread to make my grandmothers stuffing recipe. I still have a little tweaking to do to it but it turned out fairly good. Thanksgiving for me is all about the stuffing, so this is a very important thing to perfect! I'm sure this bread would make a fine bread pudding as well.
If you want to try Anna's bread, click here. I highly recommend it!

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