Grilled hamburger quesadilla

The other day I needed to make something for lunch. I was out of just about everything. It's day like that when I start scrounging and come up with weird ideas. Sometime those weird ideas turn out pretty yummy and I end up being something I will make on purpose at a later date. This was the case with my hamburger quesadilla. I found frozen hamburger patties in my freezer. Of course I had no gluten free buns and really didn't feel like eating a plain burger. Here's what I did….
1 grilled or cooked hamburger patty (this would work great with leftover burgers from the grill)
2 slices of colby cheese
couple slices of onions
2 corn tortillas
To make your quesadilla, start with one tortilla and top with one slice of colby cheese, then your cook hamburger patty, then mustard, a layer of sliced onion, and another slice of cheese. Top with the second tortilla. So basically you have a tortilla sandwich. Place about a teaspoon of oil (I use olive oil) in a skillet and heat on medium. Grill your quesadilla on both sides until brown and crispy. You can serve with lettuce, tomato, salsa, or sour cream. I dipped mine in mayonnaise.


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