The curse of the jello bottom pizza!

I haven't blogged in a while. So, I thought I would start back up with a post about the worse pizza crust EVER! I know it looks innocent there in that picture. This is an example of what not to do. 

I have found for me anyway, the first year of being gluten free is all about experimenting and learning. Well, last night I was craving pizza. So, out comes my trusty bag of chebe mix. I went to the fridge to retrieve some eggs, and realized I had used the last of them fixing breakfast for a house full of teenagers! Argh! What to do? 

I remembered I had a box of egg replacer in my cupboard. The instructions on the box tells you that it might not work in some prepared mixes. I figured it was worth a try.
I baked the crust and it looked fairly normal. Then I topped it with the standard pizza toppings and finished baking it. I noticed that when I tried to cut the pizza with a pizza wheel, it was cutting weird. It was kind of stretchy. 

As we sat down to eat and I took my first bite, I quickly realized something wasn't right. It was very chewy. Sort of like pizza toppings on gummy bears. Bless the heart of my son's girlfriend who told me, "It's not that bad, really!". My daughter tried a bite and said, "It really stays with you, doesn't it". So we all proceeded to scrape the toppings off and eat them alone. I was afraid to give the leftover crust to the dogs for fear it would stop them up and never come out!
Next time, I'll go buy some real eggs.

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