San Diego or bust!

We have finally made to beautiful San Diego! Flight day was a little tricky. Travel is very risky for one who is gluten intolerant. We had a night flight so I did not really plan on having to eat much during the travel time. But, being at the airport at dinner time, I really needed something more to eat than just a little bit of something. Note to self…….next time, bring dinner with you! The only things I felt safe eating from the airport was some yogurt, fruit and some nuts. Good thing I had those snacks in my bag because at 2:30 am at the car rental place, I was getting pretty hungry!
Our first day was interesting. I brought some rice crackers with me from home and the hotel had cream cheese for all the gluten eating guests. So for breakfast we girls ate rice crackers with cream cheese. The hotel luckily had plenty of boiled eggs to go with the crackers and also some fresh apples. I had a big cup of coffee and I was a new woman! So off to the fair we went. After getting my id badge made, I scouted out the lunch opportunities. There was a baked potato place that looked pretty good, a burger joint that had all beef burgers, but then I stumbled upon this mexican place. They were not too busy yet, so I took it upon my self to start quizzing the employees when one of the young employees said, " You mean you can't eat gluten? My sister, mom, aunt, cousin, etc. have that problem. I know all about it, let me talk to the cook." Yippee! Success! So I ordered a corn tortilla with rice, pinto beans, lettuce, tomato, fresh made salsa and guacamole. It was delicious!

Dinner was a bit more trickey. We ended up at Red Robin which I did have a gluten free menu for. I had a low carb burger which is a burger wrapped in lettuce. Added to that was a side of rice. I was really hungry for a hunk of meat, baked potato and some good veggies, but a burger wrapped in lettuce had to do. The girl child had a pretty good looking salad with some grilled chicken on top of it.
Afterwards we headed over to Jimbo's, a natural foods market. I bought some cleaned lettuce, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, crackers, sliced chicken, cheese, kefir, cottage cheese, and some hommus. The best thing was their bakery. They had fresh baked gluten free cookies, muffins, and some cheese cake. Yes, of course I bought some of each. I do have a teenager to feed you know! So now we have a well stocked mini-fidge full of gluten free goodness!


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