What’s a gluten free girl to do?

Pack candy! Ok, so we are going on our first big trip since going gluten free. This could get tricky. We have an evening flight, but we will have to find something to eat for dinner at the airport. Hopefully some fruit and cheese or something like that. But just in case I have packed the essentials; m&m's with peanuts (technically that's protein in the peanuts and dairy in the milk chocolate, right?), dark chocolate m&m's, a Pay Day bar and a Pure Fit bar. My darling daughter has the same plus a snickers bar. I might have to sneak in her bag. That should tide us over should I not find real food!
I have my ipod, a good book, some gum, a pillow, and my baggie with my liquidy things. Usually we take our dogs with us, but this year they are staying home. So that means I get a whole other carry on just for me! The laptop is going in place of the dog so I should be able to blog the whole trip. That means I can record our whole gluten free adventure.
We will be pulling into San Diego rather late. The hotel has breakfast included but the only thing my daughter and I can eat is the boiled eggs. Now having stayed at this hotel for the last 6 years or so, there is a good chance they will either not have the boiled eggs or run out of them. So, I have planned for us to eat a Pure Fit bar if that is the situation. Our first morning we will have to head straight out to the San Diego County fair where my husband is working with a group. That will be even trickier. I have a plan though! And after the fair that evening we will head for the grocery to stock up on some gluten free yummies! So stay tuned…….this is a gluten free adventure!
You mean I don't get to go?


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  1. Jack & Bobbi

    Not only does Mia not get to go, but I don’t get to go, either? B-

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