Let them eat cake!

Ok. So I have made it through three birthdays and one play with dessert offered afterwards in the last two weeks. All of which I had to not participate. I really did not mind. It just feels good to feel good. My daughter had her birthday first. Lucky for her, she had not gotten her blood test back yet and could still eat her cake. Then my son had his birthday. Still no cake for me. Last Friday my daughter's best friend had her birthday. Both my daughter and I watched everyone eat cake. I think it bothered her more than me.
My son's girlfriend was in a play last night. She was Glenda the good witch in "The Wizard of Oz". Her parents had us back to their house for home made pie. It looked wonderful. My husband said it was wonderful. My son said it was wonderful. I ate olives. They were good olives though. Italian sun dried olives soaked in olive oil. That worked well with coffee at 11:30 at night. Honestly I did love the olives and now must find out where I can buy them. I loved them. My greek olives just don't taste right now. They were brought to the girlfriend's house by her grandparents who are Italian. My new favorite grandparents. I loved them too!
So, enough is enough. This morning I woke up and remembered the Cherrybrook cake mix I had purchased and tucked away in my cupboard. It's time for cake. My first gluten free cake. And while I'm at it Sunday dinner would be in order. So after lunch I mixed it up and put it in the oven. It sure looked like normal cake. It smelled like normal cake. But how would it taste?
After letting it cool I mixed up the frosting and decided that I just couldn't wait until evening to try a piece. I must sneak a piece with afternoon coffee. In my cupboard I had the very last bit of my Trader Joe's winter blend coffee. Now I am not big on flavored coffee but I do love the winter blend. They only sell it in the winter. It has whole peppercorns and pieces of cinnamon stick in it so when you grind the beans the flavor of the cinnamon and pepper is very fresh. It's great on a cold day with a piece of cake.
So there you have it, my first gluten free cake. And it was wonderful. Let them eat cake!
I have not cooked a Sunday dinner since being diagnosised as gluten intolerant. I am really just now getting around to feeling better and having time to experiment with food. Last week, hubby took me for a shopping trip to Trader Joe's and Wild Oats. I found some gluten free lazanga noodles. Boy did that sound good. I have found pretty good luck with gluten free pasta. I made it just like I normally would but just used the gluten free products instead of what I normally would.
I asked my mother over and both of my picky children were there for objectivitly. Hubby will eat anything that doesn't run off his plate, therefore his opinions do not count. I served the dish with Chebe garlic and onion bread sticks, salad and of course a glass of wine. The kids ate every bite on their plate. I'm a happy mom!


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  1. gussy

    Gussy It was good! very very GOOD. Dahla

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