The number one best thing that’s gluten free….

Coffee. I love coffee. Life is not the same without coffee. I am not as nice a person without coffee. I was watching television the other day, and on came a commerical for some new cartoon movie. There was a cartoon charactar that I think was a nurse. She had caffine patches up and down her arm. The idea being a direct delivery system for caffine. Obviously the person that wrote that little ditty was not a coffee lover. He, she or it may love caffine, but they were not a coffee lover.
Drinking coffee is not all about the caffine. It's a good little perk you get from drinking it, but drinking coffee is more about the ritual of it. Grinding the beans and preparing the brew. That first aroma of fresh coffee coming out of the pot. Holding the hot mug in your hand. Did I mention the smell? Oh that smell! The taste. If you french press it, you get the little gritty bits in the bottom of your cup. And like a fine wine, the aftertaste in your mouth. Who the heck would want to replace that with a patch?
And while we are at it, I must address those who laden their coffee with heavy doses of cream and sugar. What's up with that? I'm all for a latte or a cappachino now and then, but coffee, regular coffee in a mug should be black. Adding cream and sugar to coffee is like drinking a wine spritzer. Why the heck would anyone take a good wine and ad seven up to it? Just as you shouldn't do that to wine, one shouldn't mess up coffee in a similar fashion. It's just wrong. Sorry.
The first thing I was thankful for when I found out I had to give up gluten was that coffee is gluten free. I can live without bread, but life is just not the same without coffee. So go brew yourself a big gluten free cup. And make it black!



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3 responses to “The number one best thing that’s gluten free….

  1. maddypickles

    Melanie, your stories are so very good. I am glad you found the problem and are returning to health. Have a Sunshine Day!

  2. dogparkdawn

    Wow, another coffee lover. And I’m hooked on Vanilla nut and new found friend of Kona Macadamia Nut coffee.dawnee

  3. Jack & Bobbi

    The number one best thng that’s gluten free is….YOU! I love you and your blog too!Bobbi

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